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Matchmaking agency in korea about one and

DATING IN KOREA - How Korean Singles Meet (KWOW #77)

After writing the blog post on Korean wedding trends , I have received requests for writing more on the marriage-related topics. Some of the methods are quite interesting and unique to the Korean culture. Korean culture has a strong tradition of matchmaking in the traditional Korean society, due to the Confucian culture, males and females were not allowed to mingle freely with each other, so marriages were arranged by matchmakers appointed by the parents. A young man and a young woman invite their respective 3 or 4 single friends to a group meeting at an agreed location, usually cafe or bar. Meetings are not at all a serious type of dating the group may spend the evening playing games, drinking and chatting or going to the karaoke room for singing. This is a one-on-one blind date arranged by mutual friends.

If the friends are happy with each other, they may proceed to a restaurant or a cinema to start dating. It actually refers to internet speed dating which is a spontaneous date arranged by two persons via the internet or phone application.

The SDS app helps you find the best match after you have input information about the type of person you would like to meet. It charges membership fee of 80, won and claims to have a total of one million registered members. All of its members get proposed matches digitally on a daily basis and once the member is fine with the match, they will get to meet in person.

Its matching algorithm provides a real-time phone conversation service which can suggest conversation topics. Once the conversation is finished, with mutual agreement from the parties, the profile pictures and phone numbers are exchanged between the parties. However, traditional Korean night-clubs are different from the Western ones there are rows of tables for patrons to sit down and chat and a relatively small dance floor since patrons in fact do not go there to dance.

Usually, 4 or 5 men sit down at a table and are served expensive wine and fruit. Usually, the larger the tip, the prettier the women he will bring. If a man and a woman are happy with each other, they will exchange contact details and start dating. Men may spend , won each in table fees and tips for booking at the night-clubs.

Matchmaking agency in korea

As this method is more marriage-oriented, the parents prefer someone who at least matches their own family background in terms of economic and social status.

A meeting between the couple in which they will try to get to know each other will be arranged. If they are happy with each other, they will start dating. I am working in south korea before.. News Korea North Korea U. Branch Manager Jennifer Lee. Photo courtesy of Duo. An office inside the Duo L.

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Dating in Korea

Naleer March 26, at Frank Harrison April 21, at 2: ELL August 29, at 8: My skype id is zmell12. Tima October 26, at 7: However, with young people now becoming more pragmatic in their attitude towards marriage, they "would use information from matchmakers to find their ideal partners as they feel it is a rational thing to do", said Ms Park.

She added that as getting married and starting a family require big sums of money, young people don't want to risk going into it without knowing their partner's socio-economic background and financial status - information which dating agencies can provide. People care more about economic status and what university one graduated from, and that could be the reason why they are turning to dating agencies that have a lot of that data.

One concern, however, is that dating agencies rank members based on criteria that are "heavily weighted on materialistic indicators and aggravate gender discrimination", Prof Kim said. For example, some occupations with looks as a prerequisite, like flight stewardess, are ranked higher. Then, one could go for "sogaeting", a one-on-one blind date with a friend's friend, or "meeting", a small gathering of six to eight singles who typically break the ice by playing some kind of drinking game.

Nightclubs would offer a so-called "booking" service, where a middleman would help men to approach women who they fancy and take them to their tables for a drink. For financial consultant Choi Min Hee, 35, it was her mother's colleague who introduced her to her husband, an office manager, a decade ago.

Ms Choi said she was under family pressure to marry early and, as fate would have it, her date turned out to be her ideal man. They were married within a year of their first meeting, and they now have two children - a seven-year-old daughter and a three-year-old son.

South Koreans today are also less anxious about getting married, with marriage now viewed as an option and not a must.

A survey by Statistics Korea showed that only With high youth unemployment and a sluggish economy, many young people who are unable to find good jobs are choosing to remain single. Some local governments have their own measures to encourage people to marry early and have children.

Haenam county in South Jeolla province has been organising a two-day matchmaking camp for singles since The annual event successfully paired six couples last year, according to officials. The county holds the record for the highest birth rate in the country, with 2. The Seoul Metropolitan Government used to organise matchmaking events in the past, but has switched tactics to promoting small and affordable weddings instead in recent years, given that prohibitive costs are a deterrent to marriage.

However, some observers feel the state should not intervene as marriage is a private affair. Prof Kim, for instance, said the government should instead try to resolve issues that hinder marriage and childbirth, like high costs of housing and education, and create an environment that is conducive for families.

As society progresses, singles who are now better educated are more picky in choosing their lifelong partners. Musical actress Song Hyo Jin, 28, has been single since her last eight-year relationship ended in


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