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VEGAN AND DATING (Valentines Day Edition)

I especially love being vegan--for the animals, health, and the environment. I've been vegan for 19 years and Raw Vegan for the past 1. I have raised my son vegan from birth he is now 4 years old. Life's WAY too short to waste too much time not enjoying it, growing with it, and evolving through it. But always so much better doing that with a great friend and romantic partner!

I have been pretty adventurous and have taken a lot of risks, but as I get older, I am becoming more risk averse: I like to challenge myself. I enjoy watching good movies and reading. Reading to me is like meditation. I feel most at peace when I read a good book. I think very soon I want to start writing as well.. I have so much in my mind that needs to be penned down.

What To Expect: When Dating A Raw Vegan

I also stay away from social media and prefer limited interaction with electronic media. I enjoy laughing and being laughed at: I am a lover of nature. I believe a positive attitude is the first step to maintain a healthy body, so I have learned to forgive and love. I am not at all a religious person, but am very spiritual in a scientific way and inclusive of all faiths. One doesn't need to believe in God in order to do good to others.

I have spent a lot of time discovering God and have come to an understanding that as science continues to unravel the mystery of nature, we get a step closer to finding the truth. We cannot make sense out of our life events unless we understand Quantum Physics and Quantum Chemistry. Right beliefs can create desired realities.

I try to lead my life by being an observer and creating deep awareness of the whole creation and staying connected by continuously conversing with the Cosmos. There are signs everywhere we just don't pay attention. Universe is talking to us all the time, only if we could listen to it.

I am very savvy when it comes to science, technology, and financial management. I am entrepreneurial and want to own many businesses, make money and help the humanity with that money. I would use my money for the cause of children and education. The lack of education is the primary cause of most of the problems in the world. I am not a boxed thinker In fact, I prefer to listen to hard truth rather than sweet lies. BTW, I love to kiss and cuddle, so a good oral hygiene with a nice teeth is important to me: I wish to become fully vegan and am looking for a girlfriend that is at least vegetarian.

I have a modest income that 2 people can live on modestly. Prachuab is a fabulous city with a clean sea 5 minutes by bike, 2 large swimming pools, horseback riding, archery, movie theatre, basketball, lawn bowling, go carting, bicycle friendly with bike lanes, good computer connection and store support, next to large parks for hiking, intermingled with lots of farming and much much more.

A wonderful place to live if you have modest funds. I want to learn to vook vegan and Raw Vegan and open a little foodcart here. I love aquiring knowledge so i enjoy reading books and watching documentaries. I feel equaly at home in nature as well as in big city but nature always wins Would love to live on the farm off the land. Enjoy hiking, kayaking, swimming, exploring a forest, meadow, mountain etc. I'm very intelligent, but I also know how to enjoy living life to the fullest in any way I can.

I also have a very traditional side as well, so I hope chivalry is not dead! I'm a health conscious female, especially with my diet. I work diligently on bettering myself not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally, spiritually, professionally, etc.

I seek the same in someone else. As for my diet, I was a meat eater for most of my life, although I ate as clean as a meat eater could bc I was very much into fitness and health.

I say as much as possible bc I thoroughly enjoy eating out, but at times I'm not told there is a sprinkle of this or that in a restaurant's recipe. I'm good at finding those secret restaurants who are organic or health conscious, so I don't deal with that too often. Now finding the 'fine dining' restaurants that's health conscious and has more than one vegan dish which is usually processed anyway is much harder. When I do go to a non vegan restaurant, I make sure to ask lots of questions about secret ingredients and their substitutions, so expect to see the server to do some advanced work!

I strive for a whole food plant based diet mostly raw. I make a mean raw chili that I sometimes warm up to degrees if I want a warm meal while still keeping everything in tact. I actually cooked the chili once in a crock pot for an event and meat eaters loved it! I especially love juicing and making smoothies, but I do enjoy some cooked meals, especially when I want to enjoy meals when attending events or socializing. I'm always in search of the "new" organic, health conscious restaurant and it's even better when I find one with a raw menu of delicious tasting food!

I also enjoy an organic wine or biodynamic wine when available and love to make my own sangria, so I'm not strict with that as long as it's as natural as possible!

For me with food, I understand in our modern society we have our own emotional journey with it, some stronger than others , so most importantly with myself and clients I consult, I meet everyone exactly where each person is in the present moment. I'm not all or nothing like I used to be, and I realize now there are no real set backs, but just bumps in our journey to propel us forward.

These are places in our journey where we are stretched for further growth if we are bold enough and courageous enough to allow it in our lives. The compassion for others in their journey and also for animals is something I continue to develop as I work on my inner self on my personal emotional and spiritual journey. As I continue my own inner work on myself and guiding others in their journey, I watch my outer circumstances as well as the impact I have on people change as well.

It's an exciting time and there's not a day now I don't wake up feeling blessed no matter what I'm facing that day! I have to add on more thing. If you are a smoker or working to quit smoking, then I respect you in your choice for your life without judgement whatsoever, but I'm only interested in meeting a non-smoker and not a recent non-smoker either , so no exceptions here for me. I don't currently have membership, so I can only upload two pictures, but I have more to send if we hit it off with winks.

Best of luck to all in your journey!! Like riding my bike for leisure, aerial silks, short jogs, concocting new recipes with my many kitchen appliances, learning, catching up with friends and family, etc. I have been a Raw Vegan for over 2 years and vegetarian in the past for over 10 years. I am looking to meet someone who shares the passion for healthy lifestyle.

I enjoy long walks, trips to nature, curling up with great books, attending lectures, watching movies. I am very active and work our regularly. I love music and going to theater. I am originally from Eastern Europe but have lived in the States for over 16 years. I love to travel and take many short trips each year. I own my company and very much enjoy my job.

I am looking for someone who is down to earth and wants to grow and make a contribution to his personal life and community. I feel more at home in nature than a big city but enjoy the cultural and artistic opportunities of the city. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, swimming, skiing, exploring a forest, meadow, mountain etc. I am considered by others to be loving, affectionate, loyal, open minded, caring, sensitive and adventurous.

I'm passionate about the pursuit of higher awareness and the concept of being in tune with the laws of nature. My hobbies are researching Ice Age phenomenon,foraging for edible wild plants, and organic heirloom gardening. I love the simplicity of nature, haven't had a television in seven years and enjoy hiking, walking, etc I am working towards living a sustainable simplistic lifestyle. I've been vegetarian and vegan for over 13 years. It has been a lonly jorny being a vegan in Okc but other than that I have been enjoying it.

I hope these days are over and I can meet him through this site one day soon. I'm fairly certain the ocean was my first love; although I'm currently more into mountains. Hiking the PCT is on my bucket list. You don't have to be, just vegan is fine; however if you are that would be amazing! I make smoothies or juices at least once a day. I have been told I am a good cook I am still currently getting me legs in the raw "cooking" arena.

I am fairly certain that if I were a woman, my pot pies would have garnered multiple marriage proposals by now. I love animals, however I have stopped keeping pets as I feel it's unfair to take an animal out of nature; just because humans are crazy enough to lock themselves up for most of the day doesn't mean we should inflict the same on animals, no matter how much we adore and cherish them. I take photos now and then. I have an obsession with sunsets, if I were a multi millionaire I'd have a house at sunset cliffs.

They don't allow hybrid or multiole religion entries on this site so I chose atheist. I dabble in Buddhism, mindfulness meditation is amazing and Buddhist temples are wonderful. I am not superstitious or a believer in myth. I believe that life is a transcendent experience best shared with people that have beautiful souls.

My diet is fully Raw Vegan for 2 years. I practice yoga during last 5 year. I am professional artist and I love my work very much. I like what and who I am. I am open to meet people, going to different places, the beach. You can name it.

I love preparing Raw food dishes and have come to be pretty good at it, but I'm always looking for new ideas and ways to add variety. Leafy greens are the most important food in my opinion because the are so alkalizing and full of minerals. Through the week I spend a lot of time working in an office so getting outdoors whenever possible is important to me.

I have a Labrador retriever mix that I take for 2 mile walks almost every day after work, which helps. I love hiking in the woods, along the ocean, in the mountains and wherever nature is at its best. I am a business owner. I enjoy traveling the world and do frequently for business. I also enjoy tennis, golf, snow skiing, photography, reading and listening to books, watching movies, a wide range of music, exploring new things and new ideas. I have great respect for animals and nature and looking for.

I love being me and whatever the world pushes me to continue to become. Oh yeah and I love staying in motion be it on an adventure or creating something to revolutionize our civilization. I'm also with my 4yr old son most of the time. Never really dated someone with same diet though, so let's try: Former party girl that still enjoys good house music and parties with friends, but no longer really enjoys alcohol really. Spiritual in my own way, don't like any organised religions, believe in karma and reincarnation though, but prefer scientific approach to learning.

I want to date a raw vegan.

I've been vegetarian for most of my life and in the past couple years I've become interested in eating more raw. I attended my first fruit festival last year and found that eating raw consistently is much easier with a support group. A friend I met at a Raw Vegan potluck recommended I try veggie date! I'd love to connect with some like minded people and make some new fruit-lovin' friends!

Hello my name is Mark, I'm creative and run a small joinery shop, creating handcrafted bespoke fitted home furniture. I have a 13 year old and she lives with her mum in France. And she comes over occasionally. I'm professionally educated too, and my hobby is electrical engineering. I'm hoping to combine my work with my hobby and trainning to create new dynamic furniture, but we'll see about that.

Likes health fasting resorts. Organic Raw Vegan mostly with a few slips of cooked food when cravings hit. I believe that deep in the Torah there sits the realization that raw veganism and local organic farming can save the world. Love to travel and listen to and make music. I finally decided that if I was going to be truly happy with someone else, that we definitely have to have THIS in common and practing good health everyday.

I'm a firm believer that in order to love someone else, you should definitely take care of yourself. Fit and fun, easy going, athletic, mostly Raw Vegan , great sense of humor. I enjoy the beach, mountains, biking, hiking, working out, dancing and yoga to name a few things.

I enjoy fun adventures like exploring nature, travel, road trips, exploring various vegan and Raw food eating places.

I'm always about establishing friendships first. Organic Raw Vegan , simple healthy lifestyle, deep respect for the earth and all beings. I am an individual who seeks connection with others on a personal and present-moment level. Strong love for truth, travel, dancing, keeping things lite and laughing my ass off. I love the differences in myself through conscious eating. I very interested in psychology, and about any human relations in depth.

I'm very like meet new people and talking with people,but I'm not really into a "small talks".. Like you, MOTH, I also sometimes long for a raw partner either now or one day in the future, as I am getting out of a long 9 year relationship. He was my first and only relationship, which developed into 3 kiddos and a marriage. Back when I met him, I was very strict with my ideals and refused to even consider a non-veg dude.

Well I secured a vegan dude and it was great, in the beginning. Now, my only hurdle is to find someone who is okay dating a raw-vegan-mama-of-3….

Best of luck to all of you on a quest to find love. We all are so deserving and worthy of true love: I use that technique for many things and it never lets me down. I have a boyfriend who was vegan when I met him and I turned raw 2 months into our relationship.

Also, he was into smoking pot big time, which that changed. Keep up the mantras and make sure you write that list. I definitely recommended to join GiveitToMeRaw. The website is constantly growing. My bf was more into raw than I was when I met him although we were both vegans. I met him through Raw Meetup.

I am very shy with new people so it was very hard for me to force myself to go to the raw dinner meetup but I did. Keep going to the potlucks, lectures and classes — any place where raw people go and you will meet someone eventually.

Keep thinking you going to meet someone too and you will. In the meantime, keep busy with making lots of new raw friends — online is good but in person is better. Their are some raw personals at David Wolfes site too. I agree with LittleOne — keep thinking those thoughts and things will come to you. I never believe this until a few months ago. I was always very scared and pessimistic.

Weird I know but somehow it worked! Zoe, recommened a great book by Louise Hay — has thoughts to think to get things to come to you — even romance! You seem like a fun and interesting girl — I like the way you speak your mind. You will meet someone soon — because you are worthy of it!: I met my hubby through match. I think of it this way, if you dont enjoy animals you wouldnt date an animal lover…if you are a non smoker its unlikely you would date a smoker at least i wouldnt so if yu are really interested in raw food and veganism, then by golly go out and find that!.

Thanks for the replies. The Rawtarian Community is one of the largest online raw food communities. In addition to this community forum, you can browse and search thousands of community recipes added by over talented Rawtarian Community members just like you! This information is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. I encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with like-minded, qualified health care professional s.

I wish you success on your raw journey! This is The Rawtarian Community Forum. Back to The Community. Categories All Categories In the meantime I will just stay RAW and single. You are beautiful, I am sure there are plenty of raw men who would just Love to be by your side.

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Dating raw food

Nutrient Absorption If we are unable to digest our foods, there's a good chance that we're not absorbing many of the nutrients in the foods we eat.

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