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Why Speed Dating Is Terrible - People Watching #1

March 15, by 7inheaven. From my own personal experiences, of being a divorced woman re-entering the dating circle, I have always tried to help provide both men and woman attending a 7 in Heaven Speed Dating or activity event , a comfortable and welcoming format for singles to attend alone. Women in particular feel the most uncomfortable attending alone. I encourage women to attend alone, as this is the best way to make new friends, both male and female. If you alert me when you arrive that you have come alone, I am always glad to introduce you to those that have already arrived. The reason I feel so strongly about this comes from one Friday night, a few months after my divorce, and long before I started this singles organization, I found myself wanting to get dressed up and go out on a Friday night, but all of my girlfriends were busy. But what was my alternative?

My co-host for the evening was Tom, a tall, assertive man who has worked with Rob Ryall, founder of Date in a Dash, for three years. As is speed dating tradition, the ladies are seated, as the gentlemen walk from table to table with about three minutes to find love.

The stereotypical characters are all there: Rest assured, the only company in my bed that night was a burger from my local kebab shop. After greeting the guests, it was on to the big speech. This is the most important part of the evening; you have to be charming, informative, welcoming and assertive. An alien took over my body: After all, setting up individual dates is both time consuming and expensive. Speed dating breaks the ice, gives you critical first impressions, and opens the door to future involvement for multiple potential partners in one or two hours.

Anyone serious about finding a partner enjoys a lot of practical benefits in the speed dating scene.

Speed Dating FAQ'S

Finding the right chemistry is tough. Dedicating your weekend plans to a single experiment will slow your progress.

So, are you willing to give it a shot? Speed dating risks are pretty low, and the rewards outweigh them dramatically.

Speed dating is high speed, but low pressure. Why not have some fun?

Quick Sparks Speed Dating. Speed Dating - Which is Better?

Can you go speed dating alone

Speed Dating New York. Can I come alone? Yes, most speed daters do come alone.

Why Speed Dating Is Terrible - People Watching #1

Once you have registered you can have a drink at the bar and mix with other participants. Can I bring a friend? The more the merrier but they will need to have registered for the event. When will I know if I have a match? You will be contacted within 24 hours of the event to inform you of your matches either via email or mobile phone.

You can also log onto our site at any time with your email address and password to check your matches the day after the event.

Most of the event places are sold out. Can you squeeze a couple more in? We have to manage numbers carefully to ensure equal numbers of men and women at our events. However we are often able to take additional bookings that do not effect the balance of numbers - eg two men and two women.


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