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Trash sv-wernberg.comt Black Ops 3 DLC! Call of Duty is a joke.

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The spawns have gone to shit too. Back on COD4 and WaW maps had two distinct sides to them and spawns only flipped when you pushed too far, but now that's not even a thing anymore, spawns are all over the place and there's no order to it, your team doesn't have a side of the map anymore.

Also killstreaks, perks, weapon attachments, gadgets, etc, all of these things have added more and more chaos to things. In older COD games your decisions mattered, choosing to go left or right mattered and now the game is so chaotic that it's just irrelevant, there's no difference anymore, your map awareness means fuck all and it's just come down to running around like a headless chicken.

BO3 had the worst matchmaking in the series, I can find TDM lobbies on WaW right now just fine but cant find a single tdm lobby in bo3. Thought it was just me; Where are you from? Being from South Africa I'm used to having a hard time finding games, but BO3 was a nightmare for me.

How did you do this? I looked around for months after i started struggling finding snd matches, but never found a solution. Blackops pass will probably help with this. I feel like the increased skill gap due to the jetpacks didn't help.

Black ops 2 dlc matchmaking

If you cant jump and aim accurately, you are gonna lose to a player that can. Either you play against master prestige level players while you have a bunch of 1 prestige players or you join mode game and your team is getting demolished.

The whole reason I stopped playing bo3 was because I never won, no matter how good I played because I was always matched with the weakest team mates. Not really on any other call of duty since mw2 I can join a game and it will be just starting or it will be be fairly close. In this game though the games are almost always almost over or demolished with killstreaks. They need to stop putting Middle East players on European servers as well, ruins the experience for everyone. Dunno why they're playing cod when they could just go outside and get a shot at the real deal.

I hope to god this is better for zombies That's only because force quitting the game would let you keep your gobblegums, which made host migration impossible.

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I hope people won't be able to abuse gobblegums like that anymore. Is that actually the reason it would always end the game for everyone else? Because the person who happened to be host wanted to keep their damn gobblegums?

Yup, at the release of the game it happened way less often because nobody knew it worked like that yet. If the beta is anything to go by, I think the matchmaking is finally normal like it should be.

I was seeing complete decimation mixed in with close games like it should be. I just wish there was strict region based matchmaking. I hate it when people from other close by countries join our lobbies and are untouchable due to the lag comp.

There won't be a smile on my face if I don't get into a game of TDM go and lose because 2 people on my team went Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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What exactly took a hit? I see no difference really. Lobbies used to fill for me in no time, now can take up. Its a timed trial for a week or something, but has there ever been a cod DLC for free??

Now about deleting the DLC Nothing more irritating than being a solitary noob like me and being matched against pro clans all day. I have been playing for all of 3 weeks too, unreal. Kill Confirmed is a great way to prestige though, I am already at 6 prestige, but my KDR is a horrible 1.

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WhyNOWwhynot WhyNOWwhynot 5 years ago 1 when i delete the dlc it will also delete all title updates and the gamedata textures i installed to hd??


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