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Remarkable craigslist funny dating ad are not right

Funniest. Dating Ads. EVER (Part 1) - Alonzo Lerone

Great post uk classifieds Free Ads UK. Cool stuff you have got and you keep update all of us. Sites like Craigslist personals. My last post was almost three years ago. I've been writing so much fiction I've kind of neglected my blog, but I'm ready to jump June 19, Funny Craigslist Personal Ads.

June 19, Funny Craigslist Personal Ads. Bored out of my mind on a Monday night, I do what I always do when there simply is nothing to do.

The personal ads are my favorite. The women's are usually overly honest, but heartfelt. As for the men's These are actual ads I copy and pasted for your enjoyment as well as my personal assessment in bold type.

No Internet dating junkies, no obese, no smokers, no drug users, no prostitutes, pimps or porn site operators. Looking for a very oral woman - 45 Ideally a married or attached woman, because I don't want a full time relationship as I already have one.

Craigslist funny dating ad

Please no smokers, tweakers, or real fatties. Curves Ok but no rolls of fat please.

Just not my thing. Many people are hesitant to become romantically involved with a chick with a kid. Obviously, children suck and should be avoided at all costs. The kid might want you to talk to it, or it might crap itself, or walk in and interrupt when his mom is giving you a killer hummer.

Wealthy and generous gentleman willing to sponsor augmentation surgery in exchange for long term discrete affair.

Married, seeking intelligent young plaything - 33 You are educated, endlessly smart, quick on your feet, fascinating. You also have a strong, almost paradoxical, need to be naughty, subservient, dirty, slutty.

You are young, cute, attracted to older guys. You will be my plaything. You want me to respect you for your mind, especially since I am also cognitively agile, but I simply see you as the submissive, hot little boy-toy you are.


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Dating Fails

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