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[Dating agency cyrano] moojin and hyeri moment

Lee Tae-min born July 18, [1] , better known by the mononym Taemin , is a South Korean singer, actor and dancer. He debuted as a vocalist of the group Shinee in May who later went on to become one of the best-selling artists in Korea. Taemin began his solo career in with his first extended play, Ace. The title track, "Press Your Number", was originally written by Bruno Mars but Taemin wrote new lyrics for the song in order to appeal to the Korean market. In July, , Taemin released his second extended play, Solitary Goodbye , and made his solo debut in Japan. Lee Taemin was born on July 18, Growing up, Taemin dreamed of being a pilot until he discovered dancing when he was in 6th grade.

Okay seriously, are you evil or not? With Byung-hoon still on his way, Min-young thinks fast and tries to stall Jae-in by the front desk. But Jae-in is a woman on a mission, and she charges past her in order to see the doctor. And who should turn around to greet her but Byung-hoon himself. Oh whew, you made it! Then Min-young surveys the room to find Moo-jin hanging around and their client safely out of sight.

Turns out Byung-hoon is allergic to animal fur which explains why he stopped Joon-hyuk from approaching him at their first meeting and avoided to touch the cat. She all but rolls her eyes when Byung-hoon rattles on about how worried he is that their target might fall for him instead, given how cool he looked in the doctor gown.

Then I love how vain Byung-hoon actually is. Once Min-young introduces herself, she launches into this long-winded explanation: J their client , who by the way is perfect, talented, a great man of character, and did I mention perfect? Meanwhile back at the hospital, Byung-hoon hilariously plasters himself to the glass at the sight of the cat.

Then he slyly moves behind the glass to place even more distance between the animal and himself. In the car, Moo-jin breaks his usual silence to ask Byung-hoon why he hired Min-young to work with them. For now he answers: Then he acts all annoyed when they stop to pick up Min-young to carpool back to the agency. Min-young prevents another oncoming lecture with the suggestion that they should have a welcoming party for her as a new hire.

She joins the boys and belabors the point of why she wants to help others find love: Omg, I kind of love drunk Min-young. Min-young stumbles back to the bar, rifling through her bag to find an appropriate gift for Master. Then she ruffles his hair like a puppy. The Cyrano boys carry Min-young out of the restaurant, and Byung-hoon frowns over the ordinary gift.

Oho, is our team leader feeling a bit jealous? Although the two speak politely to each other in jondae, the air is noticeably tense between them. Seung-pyo retorts that the unexpected gifts are always the ones that are most fun. Seung-pyo removes his glasses once Byung-hoon leaves.

When Min-young wakes some hours later, she stumbles across Byung-hoon watching old high school movies by himself on a projector. He promptly changes the subject when she mentions the movies, scolding her for hanging around the workplace instead of going home like normal people do.

But Min-young disagrees with him and admits that people become completely real in their drunken state. Therefore, she meant every word she said earlier and genuinely wants to find what she really wants to do while working at Cyrano. All he has to do is give what the client wants without his emotions dictate his actions. So if she wants to save herself from getting hurt in the future, she can chuck that idea of sincerity out the window. Everything goes according to plan in their next scenario.

Arang reports from the subway that Jae-in is on her way to her weekly book club when she catches a brief glimpse of Joon-hyuk at the station.

Byung-hoon instructs their client to follow the script as Jae-in trails behind her mystery man, careful to remain unseen.

Dating agency cyrano eng sub

At the designated location, she witnesses two suspicious men including Moo-jin converse in the street. Recalling the strange note she found at the library some time ago, she wonders: She runs forward when she sees Joon-hyuk spring into action.

The men disperse and Moo-jin gets on his bike and rides in her direction. He points out how ironic it is that Min-young is in the business of creating love matches when in reality, she constantly gets rejected. He gives her a word of advice: To do so requires a certain kind of mystery, and for transparent girls like herself, they always end up getting dumped.

That statement puts Min-young on the defensive, and she proclaims that her charm is hidden deep DEEP inside where no one can readily see it. He tells her to watch and learn from their client. We catch up with the budding lovebirds at dinner, where Jae-in acts like a giddy teenage girl around Joon-hyuk.

She hangs on his every word until Joon-hyuk is suddenly called away. We see Joon-hyuk engage a roomful of gangsters in a fight, and whips around at the sight of Jae-in. He feigns injury which triggers her fantasy once more, and remains mysteriously vague when she asks about his line of work. Hook, line, and sinker. She falls back on her potato metaphor, and asks what happens if the potato lover gets caught meddling with the restaurant.

Will she be fired? Then he rises to attend to another customer whose face is hidden from view. Min-young visits Joon-hyuk at the animal hospital to convey her thoughts about the case. She starts to panic over how to contact Joon-hyuk, and receives a text from him a minute later. Min-young is taken by surprise when Byung-hoon suddenly grabs her by the arm as soon as she arrives at the library. He says that he thought of executing a new plan since he expected that Min-young would backstab him.

Ack this show keeps on getting better. This allows for the story to move at a brisk pace that I dearly hope sustains for the rest of the series. The various perspectives surrounding love and romance is a sometimes belabored recurring theme in this series, personified by our leads. At least for the agency, that is. Best of luck to you there, sista.

Speaking of whom, Byung-hee is an intriguing character to unpack. Aw, this Dorothy is just trying to help the Tin Man find his heart. All we can assume at this point is that he has some sort of vendetta against Byung-hoon that we have yet to find out. Though we know little to none about their history, we can assume that Moo-jin knows about it.

Your email address will not be published. Chun hee's character is such a mystery. Love the FO reference. So weird to see the awkward and clumsy Chunderella as a suave restaurant owner! But anyways, thanks for the recap and I'm SO looking forward to the rest of this drama. Very promising and I'm already hooked! It actually started when he was washing dishes and doing chores on the variety show, FO and Kim Su-Ro another actor in the show is being mean to him..

Kim Su-Ro earns the name of evil step mom and Chunnie becomes Chundrella! And where Kim Su to left off, Spartakooks took over. Poor Chunderella never caught a break! Family Outing, Season 1 - good times!! It's just hilarious when we remember how he washed the radish with soap on FO. I'm actually surprised how mature sooyoung looks in this drama - props up to the coordi and the horrible hair i guess.. Sooyoung is 24 so yeah she has to be older than them in real life.

In the drama I think she's suppose to be closer to 30 though. I quite like our heroine so far. A lot better than our hero, but I know he'll crack. He's definitely got a past hidden deep insight of him.

A romantic past I mean. Kind of enjoying the other two Cyrano minions too Like the super mysterious one I love it that he doesn't say a word I'm getting a super-cutie vibe? Let's hope they won't be too much in the background like some characters in Flower Boy Next Door , but that all Cyrano staff will have a chance to shine. I felt a bit annoyed about the cat though, when they were trying to hold up the librarian sorry, I totally haven't got anyone's names down yet.

What if she had been really ill? If she had died? Thanks for the recap. I enjoyed this episode and wasn't at all shocked she was fired, she shouldn't be since Master told that could happen.

I think that he's trying to get close to Min Young to get at Byung Hoon, it could come in handy later if something happens and she could be on his side. I do also find it entertaining that her words affect him so much, she's going to be affecting him much more than that. They're relationship is a main plot point in this drama so these missions are just set ups for their relationship.

She's going to be back in the agency next episode which is going to feature Taemin. I had no idea who Master was, so I'm happy to finally see the famous Chunderella. And my goodness, I could look at him all day. Something about his face is fascinating. Moo Jin makes me laugh hysterically with his deadpan face and deliberate ignoring of Min Young's every question. They call him Ghost? I thought Arang was a young girl ghost Last night I said that I was betting Master was part of an elaborate scenario for Min Young, but he does seem to kind of not like Byung Hoon too much.

By the way - is Byung Hoon one of those funny names like Sam Soon? Nope nope nope on that one, who is younger than my daughter I just watched both episodes, and I at first thought Master had employed Byung-hoon to help Min-young fall in love with Master, but now I'm not sure. I thought maybe the gangsters were a set up to that end, but maybe they're a set-up from Master and he's trying to make Byung-hoon fall for Min-young only to snatch her away for himself or something.

130603 SHINee Taemin [email protected] Love Agency Ep. 3 [Eng Sub]

I thought that the whole situation was planned by Byung Hoon to make her falling in love with him I mean, He keeps saying that first impression is really important and I feel like I't would be really awesome!!!

It seems like the male characters all have interesting back story to explore I can't wait for that. As for Min Young while I like her so far I doubt there's much if anything interesting in her back story. Also I think the high school video gives a hint as to what happened between the Master and Byung Hoon.

I kind of think the Master is the other guy in the video and I don't know what happened maybe the girl died or something and they each blame the other, but whatever it was it left both of them hurt.

The episode was a little slow. I like it when they're on the missions and stuff, but it lulls a little when they're not. But I am enjoying Chunderella - I've only seem him in Smile, You, so it's fun to see him in another place. His character definitely confuses me, but I guess he's supposed to. This also reminds me that I need to stop talking so much when I talk to guys BTW, thanks for the recaps! There are things I miss not sure if I'm just confused or things get lost in translation , so I'm glad there are recaps to help me!

I was wondering if anyone would make that comment. Not sure if that is a knock on him, or a coincidence, or a hint that he's going to time travel, or develop a brain fetus, or what The second episode was quie fun too.

I've been wondering whether the Master's choice of music was to be taken literary: Hell's vengeance boils in my heart. Is it yet another vengeance drama? I thought it was telling when BH was outlining the FINAL stage of their plan which I bet the other two did not even know in advance which revealed the vet's true nature. In that sense, BH really is a genius and he doesn't lie so much as create a lasting first impression based on the other person's fantasies, but he still ties it to the client's real personality at the end.

In a sense both him and MY work towards the same end goal but what MY doesn't realise is the process of falling in love is as important as sharing that truth with the other party. Its why the way she does it skips over all the processes aka the stuff that BJ felt was important to create and its also why she keeps failing I couldn't keep a straight face when I saw him holding the knife.

I thought mannnn if he actually tries to do anything with that I would ask the cast to be VERY careful and not stand anywhere near him! Love how Cyrano is shaping up. The episodes have been brisk, fast paced and filled with great storytelling.

Really glad that you are recapping this gummi and thanks! Maybe yes, maybe no. I see it as a little less honest than something like Hitch, though.

In this case, if the woman wants mystery and intrigue, imbuing the client with those things in the beginning isn't going to be sustainable in the long-term, which is MY's point.

Making a first impression is one thing, but building an entire lie before getting to the truth is another. I can't wait to see how BH changes his approach to accommodate MY's input.

Half of me was facepalming, "Oh noes, she's going to ruin their plan," but the other half of me was hoping Min Young's honesty is the best policy would win out. The character the Cyrano team created for the doctor is total swoon-worthy.

Dating agency cyrano ep 2 eng sub

The whole time I kept worrying about the cat. Move out of her way and let her save the cat!! I understand the always leave them wanting more mentality, but I thought Jae In's veterinary visit was the perfect time for them to meet.

Her mystery man is an animal lover, too? How perfect is that! I am definitely looking forward to episode 3. The preview looks exciting. Is Arang going to steal TaeMin's girl? Lee jonghyuk will always be junsu's laid back appa and chunhee will always be chunderella to me. Out of all the characters, I find Seung-pyo the most interesting. I can't wait to learn more about his character.

I can see now they conflated Min Yeong of the original with Byeong Hoon of the original. No wonder he's in love with himself so much. That given, I could tell he'd have a contingency plan, because they set that up. I'm also relieved that they will go with the overlapping per week plan.

Overlapping is Korean style I still don't feel too easy about taking away a lot of the agency of the original Min Yeong and putting it all into Byeong Hoon. I would like her to have at least a little leverage instead of being the impetuous to "mess it all up. Something like what the original had, such as sense in dressing men up, creating an image--anything that could make her experience useful.

A bit closer to what happened in the CBS Elementary, rather than she be totally dense. I want her to gain ground over her male counterparts, which the previous flower boy series had-- strong female characters that could go toe to toe.

I'll probably never get to see that, but I would love it as at least a character arc. Clueless is fine, but clueless and not learning anything with no edge kinda really bugs me, especially when they gut a female character from an adaptation and give it all to the male characters.

I may just be projecting my own hopes, but I get the impression that she's going to learn a lot from Byung Hoon about how to create the romance she wants to see for her clients, while he'll learn a lot from Min Yeong about how putting passion into your "job" really makes the person AND the job better. So far, it's been a fun, fun first 2 episodes. It makes for a more intriguing story and one with a quick, peppy pace. Growing up, Taemin dreamed of being a pilot until he discovered dancing when he was in 6th grade.

Taemin viewed him in a different light and respected him in many aspects of his performance. It was because of Michael Jackson that Taemin decided to become a dancer.

In , Taemin was chosen to debut as a member of Shinee at the age of On August 18, , Taemin made his solo debut and released his first mini album Ace , which contains six songs. Taemin headed to a dance studio in L.

Taemin released his first full album Press It on February 23, , containing a total of ten songs, including the title track "Press Your Number". Bruno Mars , who is well known for hit songs " Treasure " and " Marry You ", participated in producing the song, which starts at a slow tempo and forwards to fast electronic rhythm. In June , Taemin's Japanese debut was announced with the mini album Solitary Goodbye including a showcase on his 23rd birthday. The album was released on July The album includes four new songs and a Japanese version of "Press Your Number".

In July , Taemin held his first solo concert in Japan at Budokan arena in Tokyo [26] and released a new Japanese song, "Flame of Love", ahead of the concert, [27] which attracted 28, fans. Even If You Disappear Tomorrow , [32] was announced. It stars Taemin and Shota Matsuda. Taemin's second studio album, Move , was released in October and spawned the hit single "Move". It added four new songs to the tracklist, including the lead single "Day and Night".

On November 5, , Taemin released the self-titled Taemin , his third overall and first Japanese studio album. List of awards and nominations received by Lee Tae-min List of awards and nominations received by Shinee. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the name and other people with the same name , see Tae-min name. This is a Korean name ; the family name is Lee.

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