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Dating omani man speak

OH MAN ! My first Oman Vlog- Episode 1

July 25, by Reality. Today I wanted to talk about a serious issue, and it is about Omani men dating expats including house maids and professional workers for nothing but pleasure. Usually, guys would follow expat women everywhere to date them. The scenario is simple and obvious. They tell you they are interested in marriage and that you are what they are looking for. Typical of Omani or Gulf men that want to play… They say you are different from all other women, you are the seixest, you are beautiful inside out… etc. They throw in a gift or two.

Usually, guys would follow expat women everywhere to date them. The scenario is simple and obvious. They tell you they are interested in marriage and that you are what they are looking for. Typical of Omani or Gulf men that want to play… They say you are different from all other women, you are the seixest, you are beautiful inside out… etc. They throw in a gift or two. Mostly I think, they always refer to marriage as to show you that they actually have intentions behind all this… they really dont.

What I am going to write might be very hurtful to many but it is the truth and I am here to give notice.. In Oman, Most men that pursue expat women think they are cheap and easy to get. Even if it is rape. Who cares, they think you wanted it because… well, you are not covered. Alright, so how can you know if a man has good intentions or not..

I wonder if men ever get passed that point! It does not make a difference. He will use you and throw you away. Take it as a RULE. If he has good intentions you will marry him openly and with the presence of his whole family.

I liked this topic!! Great topic, as I have expat friends, older women, who have dated including sex Omani men, both old and married, and young and single.

Love, Lies and Secrets

Socially, I have met several western women, now older, who married Omani men when they were younger. I think their husbands have relatively high social positions and met their wives while studying or working overseas.

These married women have children, nice homes, and seem very happy with their Omani husbands. What do you think about this?

Dating omani man

Do you have any friends who have a western mother? What do Omani men think about marrying a foreigner, esp. What do Omani women think about western women as wives for Omani men — if anything? I have some moral issues with those who date married people though. I am all for people marrying from outside in hopes that people will start to open up.

However, I know many women that disrespect men that marry foreigners jealousy because they it does not make sense to them that people go outside when there are nice Omani girls waiting for proposals.

I have had a couple of friends that had British mothers. However, as you said before, their husbands are in high social positions. They mostly judge those who marry foreigners and are from the middle class. I think this is a good question. Especially those that travel oversees to study and find a good white girl.

Also, Islam allows men to marry non-Muslim women, so why not? They just try to make her convert after marriage! In general, I think, women disapprove. The idea is that women have a priority over Omani men and vise versa. Culture-wise I can totally understand such attitude. I feel they have every right to feel jealous! I can imagine how it must infuriate some of them- really why would these men marry outsiders when there are many nice local girls? From the other hand- I agree that mixed marriages are personal business and may have positive sides for both people involved and society.

Some changes have to happen in society. Men thinking all women that do not cover are tools for their sexual desire? I know girls who go on dates now.

They have to keep it a secret, and can never let their parents know. They would be so angry. My brothers are able to date but we are not. I meet men through work and sometimes friends will introduce potential boyfriends. They will come up to you and give you their phone number and if you like them, you contact them.

I would prefer to get to know someone first. A friend uses Facebook though. She meets boys there and in chat rooms. If I ever went on a date, I would go to a restaurant or the beach.

I would get into trouble if my family or a neighbour saw me out with a man. Some people think that as this is an Arab country, the girls are just sitting at home alone. I know one girl who got into trouble and had to get help.

There are places you can go. She was very upset because she was in love but the moment the man found out, he did not want to know her.

Learn About Omani Date Palms in Wadi Bani Khalid (Oman)

He was just using her. A lot of guys are like that. Married men are like that too. It is also well known that girls can travel to seek help before they get married. I heard of a girl who was afraid that she would get into trouble when she got married and wanted to go abroad. The whole dating thing needs to be more open but not too much. We are Muslim and I think too much freedom would be a bad thing.

I am 30 now but hope that I will marry again one day. I sometimes feel tired of being lonely. But if I do marry, I will not make a mistake again. I will marry for love only. It is a matter of honour, reputation and well-being for both man and woman.

If you want to meet up with a girl or boy, you have to meet through the right channels. I come from Barka. My sister, my mother and some other family members met my future wife and her mother at a wedding party.

They thought she was good for me and the first meeting was arranged. We had to ask about her family, then my mother and sister went to her house. Then they told her about me. She said she was interested but we would have to check with her parents.

This is the traditional Omani way. When I first met her at her house I came with my aunties and some neighbours. When I entered the living room it was full of ladies sitting on sofas. There were a lot of hellos.

She was shy and hid from me at first. Then everyone left the room and we had a chance to talk. It was a bit awkward at first but we agreed to meet again. Similar discussions about life in Oman Ask your question.

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