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Dating someone bipolar sorry

Living With Someone That Is Manic Depressive

Dating during your twenties is an experience in itself, but when you live with a severely stigmatized condition like bipolar disorder, dating can really be a challenge. As a year-old mental health advocate who is publicly open about her life with bipolar II disorder, I have often experienced stigma in my dating life. Bipolar disorder is a part of me, and I am not ashamed of my condition, in fact, it is the opposite, I embrace it. However, datingówhen you live with a mental health conditionócan be complicated: When should you tell your date about your diagnosis? Should you even tell them at all? Will they think of you differently once they know?

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6 Tips to Remember When Bipolar Disorder Is Part of Your Relationship

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Dating someone bipolar

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Intimacy is important to our health and happiness , so we need strategies for love in these maddening times. Bipolar disorder is more prevalent these days. In any given year, 2. The more you date, the higher your odds are of running across someone with this disorder. Bipolar disorder is characterized by dramatic shifts in mood, energy and activity levels.

These changes are so extreme that an affected individual may seem like a different person when they are up, as opposed to down. Everybody has moods, but bipolar disorder interferes with normal daily living.

Things Not To Say To Someone With Bipolar Disorder

The problem is that people may not know they have it, or if they do, they hide it. They could be the most charming person you ever meet. A little mania can make it possible to be productive all day, then dance all night and be unstoppable in the sack.

A slightly manic person is likely to be talkative, have high energy, and is really enjoyable to be around. The problem lies in the downside. When the mania subsides, exhaustion and depression take over, and often persist far longer than the manic period. When we date, we put our best foot forward. The single Bipolar person is likely to date when they are up and tend to be downright anti-social when they are down.

Lots of people take medications for depression. Some anti-depressants can cause mania in non-bipolar people. Bipolar people have a tendency to go off their meds because they like the high energy manic state. Unfortunately, this increases their odds of crashing back to the bottom of the pit of despair once again.

It takes a certain kind of patience and calm to maintain your center around this kind of chaos.


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