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Dating your takamine apologise, but

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I've search the net that the first 2 serial numbers represents the year that it was made in my case its I'm very confuse, also the model on the print already faded, I have attached some pics so you can easily identify it. Your help will be much appreciated. Last edited by atoz; at I'd advise you not to go to the cinema. There'd be no conversation and the date will teach you nothing about her.

For example, serial number indicates a guitar built in 07 , in October of that year 10 , and that it was the 91st guitar made that month Similarly, serial number indicates the th guitar made during May See below for the formula used to tell the year of manufacture.

For example, serial number indicates a guitar built in plus 46 years , in September of that year 09 , and that it was the second guitar made that month Similarly, serial number indicates the 33rd guitar made during November Mon Nov 16, Mon Nov 16, 2: Put this serial nr in the mail, also the pics of the inside with the paper with the type nrs on it and pics of your guitar.

Dating your takamine

Tell them you have to know for assurence what the worth is and what is the date of production to complete your file of assurence. They will take you serious.

Now for that sr nr it can be QJI what means??? So I couldn't find very mouch, just the specs! I bought mine second hands in a good music-store in Belgium a month ago. You will find more about your guitar Tue Nov 17, 1: Tue Nov 17, 7: Well what you can do When they know the date and their sr nr it wil begins with the same nr as yours yo can be realy sure of the date. Wed Nov 18, 5: Wed Nov 18, 3: The repaired instrument or part will be returned to the Dealer or Owner freight and insurance prepaid.

Takamine does not offer repair service of any kind other than warranty repair service.

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If your guitar needs any service or maintenance that is not covered under warranty, it should be taken to any qualified professional. This Warranty is Subject to the following Limitations and Exclusions The following items are not covered by this warranty: Any instrument whose serial number is missing or has been altered or tampered with in any manner.

Any instrument that has been modified after original shipment from Takamine. Any instrument whose warranty registration card has been altered or upon which false information has been given.

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Any factory-installed electronics and hardware after a period of one 1 year following the original date of purchase. Any instrument that was NOT purchased from an Authorized Takamine dealer, or upon which any unauthorized repair or service has been performed.

Normal wear and tear on any serviceable part of the instrument including electronic controls, switches and jacks, worn frets, plated surfaces, tuning machines, string replacement, scratches in pickguards or plastic parts, saddles and nuts.

Normal paint wear and tear including damages, cracking, sinking, discoloration, and paint shrinkage of the instrument finish for any reason.

Subjective issues such as tonal characteristics, grade and color of wood or finish. Cosmetic characteristics related to finish consistency, replicability, application, retention, and durability.

How to Date a Takamine Guitar

Cosmetic characteristics that do not impede the playability or standard functionality of the instrument. This allows you to date your guitar with considerable accuracy; you can assume that lower numbers will have been produced in the morning and higher numbers will have been made in the afternoon.

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