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Top big bang dating rumors with you

[Breaking] Daesung BIGBANG finally got dating rumors

During the incident, T. P was under mental distress and psychologically stressed out. He met with Han Seo Hee when he was drunk and spontaneously decided to smoke with her. P is deeply sorry for what he did and regrets it a lot. He has currently suffered unrecoverable amounts of damage as a celebrity from an impulsive crime he committed previous to the army.

The year-old Big Bang star is a private person and never discusses his daring life in public. He also hasn't introduced anyone as his girlfriend till date. P usually prefers not to talk about his love life in public which he once revealed in an interview as he stated:.

Because I am a public figure who is always exposed to people, I have to take extra care for my girlfriend. I am at a age of a high energy, but now I want to concentrate more on my work. P, however, once mentioned that he had dated three girls since he was Talking to an interview , in late , the rapper, revealed:.

Nobody knows the one I had a 'some' with.

Big Bang Seungri has been dating 18 years-old actress for around a year- Here is her beauty!

Right now, I am single. We dated for years, but I had no memories with her.

Top big bang dating rumors

Because of alcohol, we always blacked out. Their dating patterns consisted of 2 kinds: They dated once a week. They drove out into the city to have some quality time together. Foremost, it is the hawk-like eyes of VIPers who kept a 24 hour surveillance over the dorm.


It must be like prison, poor Big Bang. They reasoned that this was inevitable because TOP cannot own or drive a car, limiting his freedom to move around. Therefore, TOP had no choice but to be picked up by Shin Mina or make an excuse of meeting a friend in order to borrow the van.

It is said that the two met through a friend. Will you, as fans, be happy for them?

To me I love the idea of my favorite idols being happy. Top has been in the Kpop industry for almost 9 years and has worked hard for his fans. The same for Krystal. She's been in f x for 6 years and has worked so hard for her members and fans that's she's always fainting on stage. Yet I see so many so called "fans" hating on the idea of them being a couple. Don't they both deserve happiness?

Don't they both deserve a life outside for their work? Don't they both deserve a chance to be in love? Shouldn't we support them if this turns out to be true. I'll be really happy and support them if it turns out the ship is real.


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