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July 19, 3: Have you ever wanted to swipe right on Kim Kardashian or even Donald Trump? Now you can browse and potentially date their lookalikes with a new feature from the dating app Badoo. By connecting a Facebook account, users can also find partners that look like people they know, including friends, colleagues and even exes. Upload your own profile picture to find people who look like you. Andrey Andreev, chief executive of Badoo, said the app, which was launched in and claims to have million users worldwide, wanted a new way to make better connections.

There were three seasons - but this first two dominated by the major love triangle was between LC aka Lauren Conrad, Kristen Cavilliari and Stephen Colletti were the best.

Although most OMG moment was when Jason and hooked-up with Jessica at the charity fashion show in season two and Lauren - his girlfriend - saw. Following blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson and 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey during their first year of marriage, it was a classic by episode one when Jess asked if tuna was chicken of the sea.

We were all devo'd when they confirmed they were splitting after three years - mainly because there would be no more of the show.

Basically the Real Housewives - but teenagers - the one season show followed Ally Hilfiger - daughter of designer Tommy and Jaime Gleicher as they enjoyed their summer after graduation and before college. There was a lot of tension between the friends - mainly over Ally's bestie Liz who Jamie wasn't keen on - and they never made it to a second season.

Ally's meltdown over not being able to make a burritos is still classic TV. The reality TV series followed young adults who undergo plastic surgery in a bid to look like their idols. The show opened with the slogan "You think you know Destiny's Child, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez were amongst the stars who let the cameras into their world - for a few days at least. The claymation TV show saw celebrity rivals get into a wrestling ring and fight - in the most gruesome way possible - until either one or both were dead.

Celebrity Look-Alike Dating App Launches - BET Breaks

Blood, gore and with limbs flying, this is one we miss the most. Before he married Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher was best known for his love of trucker hats and pranking celebrities. The first episode - and perhaps the best - saw him reclaim Justin Timberlake's house and even take his dogs.

The original celeb reality TV show - we've got the Osbournes to thank for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians as it was the first huge show about a celebrity family letting the cameras into their everyday lives. Their constant swearing, army of dogs and Ozzy shouting Sharon every few minutes turned the entire family - minus daughter Amy who didn't take part - into huge stars.

You Can Now Search for People to Date Based on Their Celebrity Lookalike

This was one of MTV's real people reality TV shows and followed teenagers as they tried to achieve a life long goal. There was usually something unusual or surprising about the dream - like popular girl Kristen being 'made' into a BMX biker - and at the end of the show they'd have to achieve a goal set by their coach to see if they'd really done it. There was usually a fair few tears in this one. But in case you WERE dreaming of the Tig or any other celebrity of your choosing being in your bed, the new dating app Badoo has you covered.

Badoo reached out to me to do a collaboration, but I'm just going to make fun of them, because that's what I like to do best. I went to the Badoo website at 8 am. Just by going to the site, I was prompted to connect my Facebook account because they own everything Google doesn't.

I did it, because I'm hardcore like that. I'll do anything for the sake of a successful experiment. I didn't enter any information about myself. Didn't complete my profile. Didn't do anything but allow FB to upload a photo of me. Well, I also clicked on Tiger Woods because he was a "suggested" celeb for me, and I just really needed to see the Tiger lookalikes. Two of the guys just introduced themselves and asked where I'm from.

There were zero penis photos which is good. Because I'm about one unsolicited dick pic away from changing teams.

Celebrity look alike dating show

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