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As the result we men suffer, men who are ready to spend their money to find a real relationship or even a future wife. Why not to put an ad on TV or in Internet? Moreover, they will never be able to enhance their image behaving like this. What did everything begin from? Less than a year before in the end of July a screaming article appeared on a blog devoted to search of wives abroad.

Each alive person is quite lazy. But David has just an unprecedented longstanding aggravation of selective jaundice. If a person is satisfied with everything, he will describe his admiration once and than live his own life and enjoy his life. Such a person can leave only one or two thankful comments, but those who write long stories… such kind of behavior smells of dirty trick.

No competitor is passed by! Why do you want to misinform people? And now we get to the point: It is hard to fault, everything was described just perfectly. I wonder how much does such a work cost.

Perhaps you could write books on psychology…. It is impossible to hide the truth! People can make the difference between bad and good things, truth and lie. And here the most evident sequence of actions comes to see, the tactics goes on: Do you really know that ModelMayhem is a real origin?

You can take such photos from any dating website. Here is the first neutral post about the agency lovelygirls. So, why should one write about it? The answer is quite simple: As you can see, Dave Bruner considers paying for letters or chat to be scams. However he is convinced: So, what is the difference between paying for letters and the fee based on how many girls you communicate with?..

It appeared in September and has being rapidly updated with reviews on Ukrainian and Russian marriage agencies. Most of these reviews are negative, and some of them seem to be recommendations or advertisements. But we found one special agency, it is Anastasia Date.

This is an easy game of how to get a lot of money in a very short time. The aim is the same: Now it is impossible to determine who is the administator of this page. However earlier Bruner administrated this page. What is the difference? It means that now one cannot define who is the author or administator of this page. Or the profile of this character has been already closed by Facebook administration. Agree, nobody deletes or hides profiles in social networks without any reason.

So what does come out?

By the way, this scandal is mentioned on one of the most popular and trustworthy internet sites — Wikipedia. The case was dismissed. We move further and look, it was not difficult for Bruner to promote its affiliates, it is clearly seen here: Do you think that it is just a coincidence? A couple of welcoming remarks on general topics, then they praise somebody in order to deflect attention away from the main thing.

More recently, EM has added the "Response Rate" measurement to give you some idea of how likely the lady is to reply to messages. Yes, you still have the problem of photos showing on the site of women who were clearly photographed in their late 20's or late 30's - and their current age is now around 45 - and this means you have to do a little more digging!

I really like the EM site. It presented me with an opportunity to look into Eastern Europe for the first time I have a work colleague here in the UK with me who is now married to a Russian girl and I now begin to learn a new language! For employment reasons, I personally cannot visit Russia and so my searches are limited to the Ukraine, but it is a great country and the ladies from there on the EM site are real and my experience has been positive. Yes, I would have no hesitation on recommending ElensModels.

I am thinking seriously about a third membership as I am still searching for a beautiful Ukrainian lady and the possibility of a serious and loving relationship. However, I need to find the funds and I am of the opinion that if I join up again, it will be for another 3-month tenure over the Summer months which would be the right time of the year to visit anyone I connected with.

It have on many occasions been unable to enter the site due to perceived server issues and most likely the amount of connections online at the same time.

The site is good, emminently usable and nicely laid out but it could benefit from something of an overhaul and a significant server update.

Support is fast and most satisfactory. The staff are obviously well skilled and their English is excellent. Ukrainian dating is big business these days with a number of sites both good and bad - and one or two organisations who now offer "romance tours" to the country.

I also know of at least one Ukrainian Match Making Agency. Whilst such options can be costly, In general terms, EM remains at the forefront of what, in my opinion, represents pretty good value. As others have said, if you want to get the best out of EM and Eastern European women in general, you should be prepared to put the effort in.

But the rewards are worth it. I have a handful of nice friends in the country now and although I have not found the lady I seek, my hopes are still high. The main red flag about this website is that how they make black PR writing articles about other dating websites!

The honest website will not need this to "win the competition" with other dating sites - they will concentrate on their own reputation. I corresponded with one very good mature lady for a while. Then her profile was removed. I was upset that maybe she appeared a scammer though never asked me for any help or gifts.

However, in few days she texted me on my private email, thanks God she saved it. Of course my first question was why her profile has been deleted? She answers support didn't exaplain the reason and just answered that her profile was suspended for no reason. To be honest, at that time I didn't know who to believe, because I haven't seen her on video - just she kept sending me her recent photos. But as I already planed my visit to Ukraine, I arranged a meeting with her.

And what do you think, gentlemen??? The only problem was her bad English, but she told me about this far in advance and I was ready. But still I feel that might be difficult to make relationships work without normal communication. Though my doubts have nothing to do with her character.

I'm sure many of men were in the same situation when your lady was suddenly deleted. I realize it's because women don't pay any membership and get no respect from the site. They make you think they care about you and protect you from scam women, but in reality they erase honest women just in random way!

It makes the search really impossible!!! However, many ladies who gave me hints about financial help are still on the website, which makes me think that they work for the site. So guys, if you use this doubtful website, make sure that you exchanged contacts with the lady you are talking to! I will have to say that not all is bad on this site. From my experience, there are plenty of legitimate women on this site. Other sites had a lot of scams and ripoff schemes but I have had good luck on Elenas.

I am least judgmental and an open minded person. Am from all over and from USA. Most profiles on this elenas models website are fake and it's just waste of money. I travelled in Russia and Ukraine.

Most of the girls I met casually and on tinder suggested me the same. It's impossible to believe these online fake profiles as they are paid to be on there!

Good luck but please don't waste your hard earned money on these websites! I've only been a member for two weeks, but I rank the likilihood of this site being legit pretty high.

?? - This Review Shows Why It's A Scam

I'm 32 years old, slim, in good shape, and target a realistic age range. However, I am very unattractive in the face.

Why do I believe that Elena's Models is mostly real profiles? Because out of girls who have viewed my profile, only 3 have messaged. That is statistically realistic.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm still suspicious about the 3, in fact, one of them I have already identified as a fake. She was very vague in her responses and at one point answered a question I did not even ask. Plus she wanted to move the conversation to another application on the 3rd message.

Those are all the red flags. I am still chatting with the other two girls, and if they are fake, then it is a much more elaborate scheme. Time will tell, but at the very least I can say that this website is not full of fake profiles to the extent that other dating websites are.

That is why you as the consumer have to look out for yourself. Be realistic about your expectations and learn to spot the red flags. I believe that most scammers will move on if they get the slightest hint that you are a skeptic. They have many easier targets to work with. Most of them aren't seeking long term investments, so they will message you two or three times and then the red flags will start showing up. Learn the patterns and techniques. The information is out there.

After registered my profile my profile rejected I am an Indian very bad it is shows they are racist. Still the world is going where are we not human beings we don't have feelings. I am travelling around the world in respectable designation as captain in merchant navy. This purely shows how critical minded rascist they are. I'll keep it short. Elena's Models website is everything it advertises. Although I met my woman an another site, I set up meetings with some of the women I met on EM and had a great time with them.

They are real, sincere, elegant, and they are looking for love. The one's I met were not only gorgeous, they were down to earth yet very elegant and educated women I recommend EM to anyone ready to get on a plane for Moscow or Kiev! I have been on this site for about 6 months and I only have great things to say.

I haven't met my wife yet, but I have communicated with several women on this site and I have no reason to believe they are a scam.

I am surprised just how honest the women are about what they want and why they want to leave. I can't say that anyone I have written with was looking for a rich man, just an honest and caring man. If they were trying to scam people they wouldn't be so honest about their situation. Now you do have to be realistic with your expectations too. If you are old, fat, broke and stupid, you aren't going to get a year-old medical student who is paying for school by modeling to move into your trailer park.

Thank you for your an opening review. I think, it is. Two years I look for a man by elenasmodels, it's a lit hard to find the right man, truly I do believe, hope to meet the right one Wish to all Good luck! This is my experience with Elena's Models. I registered with them. I tried to login again and it didn't work. I sent an email and I received a downright racist response: Kind regards, Gee EM Help desk I have no doubt that the site is legitimate.

I have met many interesting and beautiful women. There are also a lot of ladies on the site who are more interested in money than in love and romance. As a general rule of thumb, go for those with the current format of the membership number, , and give those that have earlier numbers a miss. They have been on the site a long time, and are either very picky or interested in one thing!!!!

And its not a long term relationship!!! However, I am still here and I am ever hopeful!!! It has been much more difficult than I ever imagined going through the whole application and K-1 visa process. Once the application wad approved and finally sent to Moscow everything moved quickly. I made the trip to Russia for her interview, a quick four day sojourn, and the people at the US embassy couldn't have been nicer. She was nervous and I was relaxed. While we waited we also visited each other and took a Christmas 2 week trip to Portugal.

Now we watch '90 Day Fiancee' on TCL and wonder how much are they paying these people for all the drama. This is just a note to all of you out there to say it can work. Don't give up on finding that someone special and on being happy. I have to start off by saying that I have read the negative reviews and that's what I am specifically going to comment on specifically the ones frustrated with "gold diggers". I will first give my experience of the site so far. Firstly, and most importantly, the girls on the site are real.

EM has a serious screening process that can at time be a little bit annoying like making an update to your profile and waiting 12 hours for it to be approved. But this is more than worth it to actually have REAL people on the site. So, the girls are real and when I say real I do not simply mean "not bots".

I mean they are certainly not happy with the men they have around them and feel that their best option is to find a many with different values from another country.

In fact, this is why I went to this site - to find a women with traditional values and I know those women are in Eastern Europe. With that out of the way, let me move on to the dudes complaining about the types of women they are finding on the site. I'm doing this because as I was reading the negative reviews, it soon became clear that there was a common theme here. Let me preface this by saying that I am attractive, and as it is the internet you can know that as I type this here it must be true.

I have never once in my life so much as went on a date with a gold digger. Through the way I have come to approach women which is not nearly as confident as it needs to be , I can weed out those who are simply interested in my because I have money. I have spoken to many, many attractive women in bars, bought them drinks, and then after getting my foot in the door via the drink or two I offered was fully capable of concluding whether they were talking to me because I was giving them things or because of a serious interest.

Many times the girl would tell me a drink or two in that she had a boyfriend, and I appreciated that. Guys, you keep throwing money at these women, do you expect them NOT to take it? Try keeping their attention with your words. I know, I know, this is a little bit harder, but hear me out.

If you are able to do this you can be pretty sure the girl you are speaking to is NOT a gold digger. How can you know such a thing?

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I understand we cannot help who we are attracted to. I, for instance, am attracted to girls who really don't need me. I typically tend to date down as far as looks good, but they don't need me to be financially well off. I end up screwing it up because I get bored and we go our separate ways. But if you recognize that you're attracted to gold diggers, perhaps you can work to weed them out a little more quickly.

That isn't to say paying for things is bad, on the contrary it can show them that you think they're worth it. Rather, it's when you offer to buy them things very early in a relationship that you're setting yourself up for failure. Elena's Model, the site on its own is genuine and very authentic. The problem is on the women in the site. These women do not pay any money to subscribe in the site as it is free for only women.

Also, these women have their personal boyfriends back home. For these reasons, they do not take the dating so serious, rather, most of them take it as playing a game to while away time. Make no mistake that Russian women are crazy about love and marriage. They want to see how super comfortable an American man is to shower them with goodies and green card.

The women in this site are so proud, and do not waste time to get upset. They are typically the German and Russian empty ego. I'm a member since some time. I met 2 women via the site, but they live in my country Holland. Till now the step to meet a woman longdistance is to big, but who knows it might happen in the near future.

I guess every site can have fake profiles, as in my country too, as it happens on Tinder. Be smart and not a dumb ass. So the guys complaining, I guess you should check yourself, maybe you ware not carefull and who knows want to meet a year old while you are Anyways, to the site..

If they are not elenasmodels removes them rather quickly. Why did it not work out with the 2 ladies in my country.. With one I did not feel the connection, the other one maybe was to young and beattuful, she has many options in my country too. Elenasmodels is a good site if you want to meet beautiful intelligent women.

More and more I believe I should take it more seriouse and try a real membership I paid to meet 1 member the other occasions , If I do, and meet someone, I will let you know: I spoke with at least two or three real legit women from here, exchanging personal contact information and talking with them for real on the phone or skype.

After a while, I really hit it off with one of them and continued talking to her, every day. Eventually I set up a trip to meet her in Russia and things went amazingly well. We have met several more times and continue to talk every day. I for one feel very lucky.

Elenas models dating site

After two years of our long distance relationship which neither of us ever thought would realistically work we are going to get married this fall. Tips for making this site work: It's years that I'm registered on EM and not always as paying subscriber, mainly due a lack of guarantees about what are looking for women. EM advised me to do not answer to her because didn't sound genuine, after few days her profile was deleted - There a lot of women, it's pretty difficult do not find one that doesn't trigger your interest and I've talked with a lot of them -Down- - Probably the worst downside of EM it's the fact that you do not have any guarantee that the women on this website, are looking for a relationship and this poses the question: EM simply answered to me that they do their best but they can't read in women's minds.

It's true they can't, however this is a business, men are your clients and you are selling them a product of which you can't guarantee the quality This would an another effort to improve the quality of the website. If you want to have some chance and filter such profiles, directly give up on all the ladies younger than Drastic but efficient enough.

Sadly for children, most of them are just kids or babies. They are so many that this should make you think about with how much superficiality children are conceived. Let me start by saying that I am nearly 50 years old and I have never had a girlfriend in my life. I have been on dating sites for 20 years and have never received the slightest bit of interest from the opposite sex. My whole life has been spent in the friend zone as far as women go although women generally do not like me or find me attractive.

I recently joined this site after a recommendation from someone on Autistic dating and yet within 5 minutes of joining I had 15 messages from really beautiful women who were up to 25 years my junior.

It seems unlikely to me that I could be so popular in such a short space of time unless of course that the women of Russia are all desperate or that it's a country without men. Therefore I can only conclude it's full of fake profiles or gold diggers looking for sugar daddies!

If you would like a refund please contact our help desk. Women register on Elenas Models independently via website registration. Our experienced moderators and our 5 Force online safety system will undertake checks held within that new profile.

Once this is completed an experienced approval team member will directly call each women to verify and discuss details in her profile. Registered women on Elenas Models come from all types of occupations.


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