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Major Keys to Marriage :: Relationship Goals (Part 4)

Copyright c Baptist Press. Reprinted from Baptist Press www. The original story can be found at http: BP -- Megachurch pastor Andy Stanley is being criticized for a recent sermon illustration involving a gay couple in which Stanley labeled adultery, but not homosexuality, a sin. Stanley preached the sermon April 15 which had been discussed on a handful of blogs in subsequent days before gaining wider attention May 1 when Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President R.

Following Jesus is about progress not perfection. Clean Now's the Time. Clean Hope in the Mess. Your mess is fertile ground for hope to rise up. Clean Big Little Lies Part 3. Let your failure refine you not define you.

Clean Big Little Lies Part 2. What we do should not define who we are. Clean Big Little Lies Part 1. Knowing I AM changes who I am. No matter what you've done or what's been done to you, God is not done with you. In the final part of Scandalous, we take a look at the scandalous love of our Heavenly Father and what that means for us.

Upholding the dignity of each individual started with Jesus, and it continues with us. People can give labels that are powerful, but only one person gives a label that is permanent. Change is not a prerequisite to following Jesus. Change is a result of following Jesus. The heart of our Heavenly Father will set the tone for our home.

Every ONE believes that anything is possible. Clean It's Not Over. A risen savior gives us a reason to celebrate. Even when we feel like it's over, the empty tomb reminds us that it's not over. Clean This Is Living Part 3. In the final part of This Is Living, Beth Romanoski challenges us to consider the power of gratitude in our lives. In Philippians, Paul commands us to do everything without grumbling and arguing - and if we were to do this we would shine among people.

Clean This Is Living Part 2.

In part 2 of This Is Living, Reed Moore challenges us to think about what it would look like to put the needs of other people before our own. Jesus modeled this for us so well, and if you want to live your best life -- it's going to require being humble.

Clean This Is Living Part 1. What is living, really? Perhaps it's landing that high paying job or purchasing your dream home. Maybe it looks more like vacation on the beach or finding the perfect relationship. What if living your best life is not connected to anything external, but. Clean Notorious Part 4. In Notorious Part 4, Matt Noblitt challenges us to think beyond the now.

When we live with the end in mind it challenges us to evaluate how we are living right now. We can decide today the story we want to tell tomorrow. Clean Notorious Part 3. This entire series is about reputation and legacy. These past two weeks we have discussed the role we play in creating our reputation. In Notorious Part 3, Beth Romanoski talks about the legacies and reputations that have been handed to us from our fami. Clean Notorious Part 2. In Notorious Part 2, Matt Noblitt talks about how repetition creates reputation.

Clean Notorious Part 1. Notorious means to be widely or well-known. In Part 1 of Notorious, Matt Noblitt talks about something that we are all known for, our reputation. Your reputation is currency. Clean Weight of The World Part 3. We addressed questions that were submitted around the topic of anxiety and depression. Clean Weight of The World Part 1. We all experience anxiety to some degree.

Buckhead church dating series

The presence of anxiety is unavoidable, but the prison of anxiety is optional. Clean The Naturals Part 2. Worship can become more than the songs that we sing, but the soundtrack of our lives. Clean The Naturals Part 1. Everyone is a natural at something. Maybe you have a inclination towards leadership, a knack for problem solving, or an ability to see the positive.

You are wired that way. Matt Noblitt kicks off a brand new series about the one thing all. Clean Home Part 4. In the body of Christ, everyone has a part to play. In Home Part 4, Beth Romanoski challenges us to answer this question: Clean Home Part 3.

We would all agree that some things are just better experienced than they are explained. In Home Part 3, Matt Noblitt unpacks how an invitation could lead to an experience that changes someone's life in a way that an explanation never could. Clean Home Part 2. Home isn't home without family.

Jesus was never simply growing a crowd, He was a building a family. In Part 2 of this series, Reed Moore unpacks the power and purpose behind community. Life and faith were never meant to be navigated alone. Clean Home Part 1. Home is where your past does not define your future. Home is where illogical, relentless, extravagant love lives.

Clean Prayer Part 3. In Part 3 of our summer series on Prayer, Matt Noblitt focuses on the second half of the Lord's Prayer and shows us the importance of trusting God, forgiving others, and fighting sin.

Clean Prayer Part 2. In Part 2 of our summer series on prayer, Beth Romanoski shows us the first part of The Lord's Prayer and how we can apply that to our lives today. Clean Prayer Part 1. In Part 1 of our summer series on Prayer, Matt Noblitt shows us the power of prayer and the significance that it carries in our lives.

Clean Real Talk Part 3. In Part 3 of Real Talk, Reed Moore shows us just how powerful our words and how being quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry are vital for our relationships and our everyday lives.

Clean Real Talk Part 2. Clean Real Talk Part 1. In Part 1 of Real Talk: Is sex just physical? Does practice make perfect? Most importantly, he answers the question: He encourages us to renew our minds, and that now is the time to change the way we treat and view the. Because we as people are complicated. What's the goal of the Christian faith? The Apostle Paul tells us the goal of faith is to conform to the image of Jesus. The goal of faith is not a destination, but relati.

We all know what it feels like when life gets blurry. Priorities get mixed up, things aren't working out, and you're just worn out. But what if there was a lens that would allow you to see the world in a much clearer way? At our annual event, Christmas Illuminated, Reed Moore shares with us an incredible message of hope as he unpacks what it truly means for Jesus to be the light of the world. Clean Alcatraz Part 4. In the final installment of Alcatraz, Chinua Hawk joins us, interview style, to share about his personal journey through food addiction, weight loss, and dealing with the prisons of life that we find ourselves.

His message of building his jail cell and. Clean Alcatraz Part 3. As we continue our series, Alcatraz, our friend Stuart Hall shows us another prison that we find ourselves trapped in and looking for freedom from secrets.

Secrets have the power to derail our lives, and he shows us the effects of concealment in our lif. Clean Alcatraz Part 2. In the second installment of Alcatraz, Beth Romanoski unpacks one of the issues of life that can feel like an inescapable prison and that is seeking the approval of man. She shows us what it could look like if we were to allow the voice of God to be lou. Clean Alcatraz Part 1. In Part 1 of our new series Alcatraz, Samer Massad tells the story of Alcatraz Prison which in the early 20th century was a prison that seemed absolutely inescapable; and that, if we're honest, our own lives seem inescapable at times.

Clean Fighter Part 3. As we wrap up Fighter, Brad Horton issues the challenge that influence with the people around us is worth fighting for, and the best way to do that is to lead a quiet life, mind our own business, and work with our hands. Clean Fighter - Part 2. As we continue the Fighter series, Reed Moore issues a challenging and hilarious message on the importance of community. He shows us that our best possible life is impossible alone and that the people that we allow to be around us are worth fighting for.

Clean Holy Spirit - Part 2. Samer Massad wraps up our series on the Holy Spirit with an excellent explanation of what it means to walk by the Holy Spirit, why it matters if we are walking by the Holy Spirit, and how we can walk by the Holy Spirit.

Samer unpacks the fruits of the s. Clean The Holy Spirit - Part 1. In part one of our series on the Holy Spirit, Brad Horton delivers an explanation of who the Holy Spirit is and in John 16, he shows us that the Holy Spirit plays three roles: Brad goes in depth in his descriptions.

Andy Stanley Episode 8: Love, Sex And Dating - Full Mesage (18/05/2017)

Clean Here and Now. Miles Fidell, the Lead Pastor at Auburn Community Church, shares how important it is for us to focus on the here and now. He explains that while we spend much of our time dwelling on the things of our past it, we are missing what God is doing in the pre.

Clean Move Toward The Mess. Celebrating the release of his book, our friend John Hambrick comes to share his stories and experiences of working with drug addicts, the homeless community, and other marginalized people groups and how they have shaped in faith. He challenges us to mo. Clean Struggle Bus Part 1. In Part 1 of Struggle Bus, Samer Massad shows us how fatigue goes beyond being physical but can also get us out of rhythm spiritually. He shows us how our souls are at their best when we come to Jesus for rest.

Clean Knowing You - Part 4. Trey McKnight wraps up our series, Knowing You, with an incredible look at what it takes for us to start believing that our identity is found in Christ rather than the lies of the world around us.

He gives us an extremely practical application for renew. Clean Knowing You - Part 3. In Part 3 of Knowing You, Kristin Fry looks at how we identify ourselves and begins to unpack that our beliefs determine the way that we behave. She shows us how our identity is found in adoption through Christ and that while we might be confused about. Clean Knowing You - Part 2. In Week 2 of Knowing You, Brad Horton discusses the one topic that confuses most of us and definitely makes everyone feel a little uneasy.

Call him whatever you want: Clean Knowing You - Part 1. He takes a look at the source of our identity and shows us how the source of your identity determines the course of our lives.

Clean Fixer Upper - Part 3. In the third and final part of Fixer Upper, Samer Massad gives an unbelievably practical and relevant breakdown of what godliness would look like in our every day lives. We begin to understand that God designed transformation to require our participatio. Clean Fixer Upper - Part 2. In Part 2 of Fixer Upper, Brad Horton delivers an incredible explanation of our capacity for godliness in our lives and how we can begin to pursue the reality of the divine nature of God in our own lives.

The Living Room: Buckhead Church College Ministry

Clean Fixer Upper - Part 1. He walked us through 1 Timothy 4 and explained how the pursuit of Godliness promises to add value to every area of our lives. Clean A Thrill of Hope. At Christmas Illuminated, Brad Horton walks us through the classic Christmas carol, O Holy Night, and discusses the history and why it was such an important song to so many people. We learn that in order to experience the thrill of hope found in Christm. Clean Baggage Claim - Part 3. Kristin Fry wraps up our series, Baggage Claim, by encouraging us to leverage our stories and our baggage for the greater good of ourselves and others.

She shows us how our greatest regrets could be the thing that God uses to change someone's life, maki. Clean Baggage Claim - Part 2. Billy Phenix takes us through Week 2 of our series Baggage Claim as he looks at one of the key elements of dealing with our baggage, forgiveness. He shows us how the roots and results of our baggage leads to resentment and bitterness, and how we can lev.

Clean Baggage Claim - Part 1. Kristin Fry kicks off a new series called Baggage Claim as we take a look at the things that we carry and how our baggage creates challenges in our lives.

She gives us great context for where our baggage comes from and the best way for us to respond to. Clean Atlanta - Part 4. Brad Horton wraps up our "Atlanta" series by encouraging us to be ambassadors for Christ as we make our city greater by leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Clean Atlanta - Part 3. As we continue our series, Atlanta, Trey McKnight shares some tips on how we can earn the respect of the people around us as we begin to share our faith with the people around us.

He teaches us that our character is critical to our credibility and chall. Clean Atlanta - Part 2. In the second part of Atlanta, Clay Scroggins delivers a game changing message for those of us who believe we are called to invite those around us in this city into a better story and into a relationship with Jesus.

Listen in as he shares three lessons. Clean Atlanta - Part 1. In Part 1 of our new series, Atlanta, Brad Horton walks us through the incredible history and some of the moments that have defined the city of Atlanta.

Then, he dreams about what it would look like if we become people who take our city to the next leve. As we begin a new semester of school, it is easy to think about all the things we need to get done, books to buy, places to check out, and the assignments we need to complete, but have you ever thought about the end?

Brad Horton unpacks what it would lo. Let's be honest, we have the ability to love ourselves very well. In fact, our day to day routines prove this. Not that there is anything inherently wrong in loving oneself but what if we chose to love others to the same degree? Brad Horton unpacks the. We all have our wounds. Someone in our life is going to cause us grief or pain, either purposefully or unintentionally.

There is a way to start the healing process. Healing starts with choosing forgiveness. Kristin Fry delivers an incredibly practical m. Samer discusses how Jesus urges his followers to live a better way.

Part 1 of 6. Clean Dating by Design - Part 5. Elaine Scott leverages her own story to share redemptive truth in the area of sexuality and relationships. If at some point in this series you've had thoughts like— "I've already messed this up too many times" or wondered "Is it too late for me to eve. Clean Dating by Design - Part 4. Stuart Hall, communicator and writer for Orange and the first ever TLR guest speaker , joined us to talk about an aspect of our relational lives that isn't easy to bring into the open— pornography.

He explains the different implications this choice h. Clean Dating by Design - Part 3. Billy Phenix comes to unpack an issue we all have questions and opinions about— sex.

Billy gets real and presents "the talk" in a different light than you've probably ever heard before. And it is a must hear from this se.

Clean Dating by Design - Part 2. Samer Massad joins us for the second week of our dating series to challenge an element of relationships we rarely— if ever— consider. Maybe the key to a healthy future relationship is that we start focusing less on finding the right person, and more. Clean Dating by Design - Part 1. Brad Horton lays the foundation for our new series by challenging students with something at the very core of our relationships— motive.

Dating relationships are often driven by selfishness at some level. But the Designer of relationships has demonstr. Louie Giglio, our friend and the leader of the Passion movement, joined us to help celebrate 10 years of The Living Room. You would never try to put a puzzle together without looking at the picture on the box.

Louie shares how that is also true of the p. Clean The Irresistable Christ in You. Brad Horton kicks off by looking back and celebrating some special milestones from He then refocuses students on what The Living Room is all about— why we exist. He uses the story of Zacchaeus to illustrate three things about Jesus that sho.

Joseph Sojourner shares a look at his story through the lens of the Christmas story. Like in the years leading up to the birth of Christ, Joseph's story contains a powerful illustraition of God's presence and attention in our lives even when we beli. Clean Grace - Part 2.

Kristin Fry teaches out of the writings of Paul and assures us that there is nothing we can do to earn salvation. But then she challenges us with the truth that there is something we should do because of salvation that would be a game changer for our wo.

Clean Grace - Part 1. Joseph Sojourner kicks off "Grace" by debunking some of the myths we believe about how our dealings with God work.

He then shares what Grace means for us and should mean for the way we approach a relationship with God. Clean Game Plan - Part 3. This app requires a mobile Internet or Wi-Fi connection. Buckhead Church is a campus of North Point Ministries. For more information, please visit http: Jot down your thoughts on-the-go, directly in the app. Your notes will sync across devices, so you never have to worry about losing your notes when you get a new phone or tablet.

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