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Cocaine dating join told all


What the hell was in my drink!? My lips start to vibrate. Then my mouth goes numb, then my face! Did my date spike my drink? I met her on this dating site. You ever see a girl with a booty so ridunkulous, you wanna put it between two pieces of bread, and bite it? Anyway I squint my eyes and look at her to see there are any signs of a sexy sociopath serial killer.

I kissed Sonya a few minutes ago. This girl was doing cocaine in the bathroom! She rubbed it on her gums, then kissed me.

I say something to her: Soooo after our kiss my mouth is going numb. Not my thang baby!

This craziness is interesting though. We continue our date and get this! American What I liked: A blonde with a Cuban booty. Who could tell at this point? From the first snort up my nose to the immediate high and rush that accompanied that, along with a swig of my vodka-jungle juice and a drag from my cigarette nothing ever compared.

To the core of my being, this shit got ahold of me. My life became a constant rush, experiencing blasts of adrenaline with him and his gang of degenerates.


I felt that I was above these people, and somehow it made me feel better being around them. I felt like we had what everyone wanted. My low self-esteem and self loathing made it quite easy for me to sequester myself with people that were, outwardly, less than desirable.

Our weekends started on Wednesdays. We would go to the local watering hole and I would shuffle into a cramped one-stall bathroom, wipe down the back basin of the toilet with one-ply tissue and dump out some blow. This relationship crashed and burned within a year. Within the next year or so, I was dating another cocaine dealer. Dating your dealer made the best sense to me. This way I always got what I wanted. I upheld this sordid lifestyle for many years.

Later, when I moved to California, it only increased my usage, as it was much easier to get. By the time I was 37, I was doing cocaine only a few times a week, as I tried to uphold some sort of a career. I considered myself a recreational user.

Cocaine dating

Thursday through Sunday was the norm. Each time I used cocaine it worked for me.

It made me feel good, like I mattered it made sense. I loved the instant rush of snorting the line and having the drip down my throat within seconds. My own a-ha moment. I could stay up for hours drinking, snorting, and smoking with whatever person of the week was there. One of these could be something as hazardous as drug abuse. Skip to main content. You are here Home. If you are just dating, you may not have the opportunity to notice changes in daily habits which are easier to spot in spouses or family members abusing drugs.

However if your date was of an average temperament to begin with but lately has been showing signs of a nervous behavior, greater anxiety, restlessness and being talkative, you may want to dig further.

Top 5 Facts about Cocaine

A person abusing cocaine will also experience moments of extreme energy, followed by moments of fatigue and exhaustion. Extreme mood swings is again followed by onset of jitters. Jitters are caused by increased levels of dopamine in the brain that lead to excessive energy.

Tremors or hyperactivity may be noticed as the hands tremble or the person's legs or arms twitch or are in constant movement.

Cocaine changes addict's brains so they can't recognise loss

Physical signs Apart from mood swings, cocaine use is also accompanied by certain physical signs in an addict. This is especially true in case of crack cocaine smoking which can also be indicated by burnt marks on other body parts like singed eyelashes and brows. Dilated pupils are another symptom of cocaine use since the drug causes the pupils to become larger.


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