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How to have a long-term, successful relationship

After a year and a half of dating, Brittany, 29, was entertaining serious doubts about her future with John. The undeniable chemistry of their early courtship seemed a distant memory, and when she looked at John, she wondered where all those stomach-dwelling butterflies had migrated. By all accounts, it was idyllic. Perhaps that was the problem. They lived in parallel, and ostensibly supported one another, but Brittany wondered if there was more to be had—maybe, with someone else. She was starting to surprise herself, ramping up the flirtation with her regular supermarket cashier. In their early days, John had impressed her with his integrity, sparkling wit, and arresting jawline.

The intensity of a blossoming attraction can mask canyon-sized differences between lovers.

When one of you feels at home and on the road and the other at, well, home, the future of your relationship will depend on compromise. If you both want very different adventures for the next few years, you may benefit from the freedom to pursue your passions uninhibited by a reluctant partner. You have nothing to talk about. Sharing back-and-forth googly eyes said it all. Now, chatting up your partner is as awkward as a corporate cocktail party.

Learn to paddle a tandem kayak. Embark on a journey that sweeps you both along. For Brittany and John, their entirely separate hobbies, friends, and careers were good for independence, but detracted from their sense of shared intimacy. I was quick to prescribe a joint project to foster some serious together time. You keep thinking about other people.

To get past this crippling cycle of doubts, practice being thankful for them. Consciously remind yourself of all the things they do that light up your day, like their smiley face pancakes, divine shoulder massages, and saintlike tolerance of your mania for show tunes. I sensed that it posed no threat to her attachment to John, so long as her needs in the relationship were being met.

When your friends ask you how things are in the sack, you think potatoes. Have you been clear about your boundaries and desires? For Brittany, she reached out to me again a few weeks after our session. After reaffirming the importance of their bond, Brittany and John made a concrete plan to reintroduce excitement and intimacy into their relationship.

They signed up for a weekly cooking class together, and committed to getting out of the house for drinks at a new bar each Friday. Its showing love rather than just saying. I really like how you did that eye liner thing last time we went out, as she is doing her makeup.

25 Tips For Making A Long-Term Relationship Work

Show her how much you appreciate the effort that she puts in. Ask for opinions—this kind of goes along with listening. Many time guys get gung ho and start just doing shit.

What do you think? To men who tend to look for solutions in all things, miscommunication can be the problem. She may just want someone to vent to, to commiserate with, or to take her side.

Go to bed angry, wake up and talk it out. Learn how to get a little space when you need it, for both of you, rather than trying to force a conversation you may both regret. Likewise the other way around.

How to have a long-term, successful relationship

No one is the fantasy in your head. Just sit there and listen while providing enough commentary to show you are paying some attention. Be there for her. Let her rant to you about what she has to rant about. Chances are, she just needs to get it out of her system. She can solve her problems and get work done on her own. If she has been hanging around a guy friend and it has you concerned, fucking talk to her about it. You have to be open about communication though.

Better have some good talks and understanding about life goals, kids, money, careers, families, etc. Everyone will at some point, but doing it badly can make a relationship that much more difficult. Take a deep breath and let go.

I mean on actual big decisions and things where she has to twist your arm into doing it. Tell her how you feel about it. Tell them that you love them more than once a month.

And pretend you like their friends unless they have actually shitty friends. I need you to go away for an hour.

Long term dating advice

Once you learn to not that take personally and, conversely, learn how to say that to your SO, your life gets exponentially better. Allow each other the freedom to respectfully disagree. Roll your partners words around your brain like fine wine inside your mouth. Wet your mental pallet. Learn to admit when you are wrong.

There is nothing wrong with being wrong. Everyone will be a lot many many things in their life. You look a lot better admitting when you are rather than just digging in your heels and being a jackass. Clean on a set day and time. Never go to bed angry and never let your last words before leaving be something rude or mean, you never know if that will be your last time seeing them.

I buy my girlfriend flowers maybe once every other week.


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