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DJ Zinhle and AKA dating again, okay and then?

But as for that getting back together steez that y'all have been on? Uhm, these two ain't there Ever since AKA's break-up with Bonang Matheba, the star and Zinhle have publicly shown their "improved" relationship status as co-parents to Kairo. Although the pair won't be dragged into talking about the existence or lack of any romantic feelings that might nudge them back together, Zinhle told Real Talk they've decided to get along for Kairo's sake. Let people look at us and think that it is actually possible to do this co-parenting thing and get along.

Twitter has never missed a chance to lecture Zinhle about the "dangers" of going back to AKA but she has always laughed off the rumours, insisting they were just friends.

As speculation around their baecation continues to be the talk of the town, fans flooded social media with dating advice for Zinhle. I said it before and I'll say it again Zinhle is desperate to be loved and appreciated. No person in their right mind would return to their tormentor.

DJ Zinhle shuts down rumours after tweeps lose their minds over AKA embrace

Ey but we all saw how the home wrecker was loved and I think deep down Zinhle knows that man loved Bonang. We saw how he was crying when the relationship ended.

Than he just went back lapha cos he had no other option. Not a whole relationship!!!

Proof that AKA and Dj Zintle are back together

I'd be bothered by how he loved another human to that magnitude. It'd honestly feel like he is just settling with me. But what do I know Zinhle.

Did we all not cry with Zinhle though? She wants to put us through that heartache again? Me to this whole Zinhle and AKA thing in The things that man said?? Mina am not gonna judge Zinhle I've been in a similar situation all I can say is that the heart wants what it wants pic.

Gabriella Union did it. Her life, her choices.

Aka and zinhle dating

Balance me real quick?! Just checked my phone after a meeting and I now see that you guys have decided that I have a boyfriend again.

Next time I see AKA. Just 1 hug and he is all yours.

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Police attacked during the arrest of alleged gangster in Cape Town. Three killed, six wounded in mass shooting in Durban CBD. Tweeps were left shook after a photo surfaced of the pair in an embrace at Taboo nightclub, with some judging DJ Zinhle for "taking AKA back", while others wanted to know the real story behind the snap. Well, it seems that the Twitterverse can breathe a sigh of relieve as DJ Zinhle disputed the rumours in a series of tweets.


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