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Lawson Bates - Past the Past

While their professional life reaches out to millions of people, the same cannot be said about their personal, which makes their fans curious to know what a celebrity experiences behind the curtains. Lawson Bates is the fourth child among his nineteen siblings. Bates was romantically linked to the reality star Jinger Duggar of another hit series 19 Kids and Counting. Apparently, the former was there to attend Lawson's sister's wedding. Lawson and Jinger spotted together for his sister's wedding Dailymail. Lawson and Jinger were first spotted together back in , and their fans started eyeing the two.

To decrease the possibility of a tension pneumothorax in the patient, the nurse should a. The dressing taped on three sides will allow air to escape when intrapleural pressure increases during expiration, but it will prevent air from moving into the pleural space during inspiration.

Is She Being Forced Into Dating Nathan Bates?! - Jana Duggar

Placing the patient on the right side or covering the chest wound with an occlusive dressing will allow trapped air in the pleural space and cause tension pneumothorax.

The patient should receive oxygen, but this will have no effect on the development of tension pneumothorax. The nurse is completing an admission assessment for a client admitted to the medical unit with a diagnosis of Acute Alcohol Intoxication.


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