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Q&A: What’s the best advice for online dating over 40? — Susan Winter

With longer, brighter days, rooftop happy hours, summer Fridays and more relaxed vibes in the office, there's no doubt the hottest season of the year is prime time for online love. Though it's a common belief that online dating has its peak at the start of the year, when folks start to consider their goals for the next 12 months, every seasonal shifts offers a new challenge to find love for singles. As online dating expert and dating coach Julie Spira explains, "With every new season, there's an uptick in usage for online daters and new members joining dating sites and apps. So if you're in the market to find love — or at least have a handful of steamy dates — here's why you should go ahead and sign up and put your thumb to work ASAP:. Though it might be an attractive smile, gorgeous eyes or a fit body that grabs your attention, what will keep it is the personality that comes with it. And while not everyone suffers from seasonal depression, increased vitamin D and more time spent in the great outdoors, instead of watching the snow fall, makes for overall happier people.

Just make sure to keep your suggestions within your price range, as some dates may expect — or at least hope — that you'll lift the bill on the first date , even if it's a concert ticket.

Why Summer Is The Best Time For Online Dating

Sitting on the dock of a bay, watching the sunset and noticing the way the sun reflects out of your crush's eyes? It's normal to be mesmerized, and hey, you can blame it on the heat — or on the natural effect of summer. As Spira says, there's a reason so many movies and television shows talk about 'summer romance.

Take advantage of this feeling in the air by planning dates that are outside, adventurous and playful.

The Best Time of Year for Online Dating

A more relaxed attitude toward love usually makes the whole process of a first, second, third and countless other dates, that much smoother. So you had a few cocktails while sitting at a sweet cafe on the city streets and you're really diggin' the vibe.

If it was fall, you would be hesitant to ask your date to join your for apple picking or pumpkin searching for a second date, but in the summer?

Suggesting a weekend at the shore doesn't seem too out of line, considering Spira says everyone is on perpetual 'vacation mode.

As Labor Day rears it's bittersweet head, you might find that your summer fling might turn into something more serious. While there is never a concrete deadline for when you want to make things 'official' — Spira says that the end of summer is the ideal time to start considering the upcoming 'cuffing' season. This time period is traditionally considered November 1st through February 15th nope, the day after Valentine's Day isn't a coincidence , and it's when most people get into a brand-spanking new relationship.

Kissing under the mistletoe or ringing in a new year is appealing to even those who are confirmed bachelors," she says. So before summer transitions into fall, ask if your fling could turn into something serious.

Ready to get started?

The Online Dating Site For YOUR Age Group... From Matthew Hussey & Get The Guy

While your pals might be talking about using the hottest new dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, if you're looking for dates with people you have a bit more in common with than simply a handful of profile photos and two swipes, here are some great sites to try out. Sick of bot accounts and half-empty, unused profiles on other sites? Click here to check out Zoosk. While it's existed for more than 20 years, it's no ancient relic.

Click here to check out Match. My theory is that everyone is on vacation this time of year. Here in Austin it is HOT!

Austin is changing, but the college scene still impacts our town even if that influence is less than it once was , so it might have something to do with school being out. Schedules are notoriously difficult to coordinate and folks seem to be distracted with travel plans and quick out of town escapes. I typically pull off my profile completely by July 1 and put it back on in mid-August.

My theory is that people are back from their vacations.

As summer begins to close out, I notice a shift in the mindset of many guys. The casual attitude of summer subsides for something a bit more permanent or stable. If for some reason I have kept my profile up for all of November, I will definitely pull it off by the end of the first week of December. The holidays, commitments, travel plans, and family time makes this an impossible time of year to start a new relationship.

I ride this time of year out knowing that January is around the corner! These are my observations, but my local guy friends have confirmed my conclusions. The end of the year and summer at least in Austin are the worst times to be on the prowl for anything resembling a relationship.

Best time of year online dating

Spring and fall, on the other hand, are ideal. This calendar might look very different for people looking solely for hook-ups. Summer, for instance, has always been known for its dalliances. If you are on the fence about jumping into the online dating realm for the first time or after taking a break, I say:


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