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Dating a green beret accept. opinion actual

U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets - High Altitude Jump

It took just one date for Alexandra McClintock to realize she wanted to marry the man sitting across from her. I would've married him right there. McClintock married the man of her dreams a year later. They celebrated their two-year anniversary this past Christmas Eve. Less than two weeks later, Staff Sgt. Matthew McClintock was killed in action in Afghanistan.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. What is it like dating the Green Beret? Just met this guy from Special Forces. He is incredibly smart not to mention in excellent shape, but it sounds like he spends a lot of time overseas.

U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets - High Altitude Jump

I wonder if that's what they do, sort of "pick up" girls in every city they find themselves in the moment Has anyone on here dated someone who Has anyone on here dated someone who served at Special Forces? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Soldiers are normal people, they want to be loved, have fun, and hang out with friends.

If your world revolves around the sun that is HE, you will become a lonely freak who calls him 25 times a day and cries a lotů.. Read Lean In , and get moving. A sexy woman is a woman with something to DO! Just mostly, use your brain. Be the team gossip. In any tight-knit community, people will gossip. Who is dating who, who cheated on who, who is out dancing every night while her man is away, etc.

I will never forget the first time I met one of my now-dearest friends, we were at a lunch with about 5 women and some major gossip was being thrown down, and she smoothly smiled and excused herself to make a call.

Upon heading to the restroom a few minutes later I saw her sitting on a bench near the entrance, not on a call. I knew then, we needed to become BFF. Want to live in your hometown.

Wife of fallen Green Beret shares their love story

Be unable to sleep alone. If you need to share your bed, this will be pretty tough for you. You hold a phone more than a man sometimes not all the time! You hug a computer. You curl up with a pillow. You keep your clothes on. We are doing our part, we are for a greater purpose, and we are patriots. Anyone else need not apply. Slow clap for this entire post.

Kate 1 May at 2am. Morgan Willis 25 May at 7am.

What is it like dating the Green Beret?

Megan 18 November at 9am. Confirmed through his mom without asking so I know I am extremely special to him Reply. Smash 13 March at 3am. I definitely agree with this.

I hope to marry a seal someday. Not my first time but this was an excellent refresher for me, especially number 1. Kat 19 November at 11am. JH 6 December at 9pm. Best opportunity to meet and talk to AD Green Beret's. Also, it will be real easy to spot the AD Green Beret's..

Originally Posted by tom kelly. Even if he does have a beard. As a positive example, when I met my wife, I was on my way to Afghanistan and our bird broke down in Germany.

Dating a green beret

Teammate and I found some grub and beers at the MWR on Ramstein and was invited to sit with some folks. We were in uniform, patrol caps, rank but no other patches. My now wife asked me what I did and I only replied, "I'm sort of a medic.

Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles. Originally Posted by miclo18d.

As a positive example, When I was in diapers after childbirth Don't know where I'm goin', but there's no use in bein' late. I've never been lost. I've been a mite confused at times, but never lost. I know where I am; I just don't know where everybody else is.

I'm steeling that one for future reference. All times are GMT The time now is


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