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Exact answer dating another womans husband speaking, opinion


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But I still have hope for our marriage for one main reason. We go out on more dates, we went on a getaway to the beach for a few days without any kids, and we put the kids to bed early and spend time alone together almost every night. We are intimate almost every day, and I initiate this most of the time for the first time ever.

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Humor , Journal , Relationships. Grief , Journal , Relationships. We know about the glamour, and the scandal. The modern day story starts as Diana dies, and whilst she's not a character in the story, but her legacy is central to the characters. This author's skill is in her meticulous and detailed research. Using little-known correspondence between Wallis and her friend Mary Kirk, she has created a story that is both captivating and enthralling. I was completely and utterly spellbound by this brilliantly written tale.

It is seamlessly and cleverly put together, the modern-day and the historical linked so well together by the fashions that were loved by both Wallis and Rachel in the present day. Gill Paul has created a fictional mystery surrounding a small platinum heart, allegedly found at the scene of Diana's death and woven a gripping, romantic and sweeping around it.

Another Woman's Husband is so powerful, a story to lose yourself in and one that I will remember for a long time. I have to admit that I was a little torn on reading this book. I am fascinated by Wallis Simpson. Here's a woman who shook up the entire British monarchy and changed the course of its history.

She is fascinating and I love reading about her, both in fiction and non-fiction. I also am fascinated by Princess Diana. I was just barely a teenager when she passed away but that day still stands out very much in my mind. It was the part of the book about Princess Diana that tore me on reading this book.

Luckily, I gave it a go and found a very interesting story with lots of great detail that kept me reading. This book is split into two parts. There is the story of Wallis as seen through her childhood friend Mary, a woman who lives a relatively quiet life in comparison to all of Wallis's glitz, glamour, and jet-setting. In , Rachel is a newly engaged woman who happens to be just behind Princess Diana's car when it crashes in that Parisian tunnel.

Both parts of the book are so different but so exciting. I loved the historical detail of the parts with Wallis. I also loved all of the mysteries that surrounds the part of the book that takes place in As someone who followed Diana's life and her untimely death closely, the questions of what could've happened were especially intriguing to me. This is the first book that I have read by Gill Paul but the great execution of this book makes me want to read more by her.

I really enjoyed both parts of the book and thought that the author did a good job of keeping both story lines moving and exciting. This was a good read! Sep 04, Deborah O'Regan rated it it was amazing. This book was good timing, on my part, to be read for the week that was in it!

Two stories one started on the night Diana , Princess of Wales, died and the other started with Wallis Simpson as a fifteen year old.

In usual historical fiction style both stories come together in the end. It was good guessing the connection through out the book. Having read and loved Gill Paul's previous books I was very excited to see that "Another Woman's Husband" is going to be published.

To be honest with you, I haven't even read the synopsis - well, it IS Gill Paul's book, right, so it must be brilliant, no? It took me a little by surprise to eventually discover that the story features real characters, such as Diana Spencer and Wallis Simpson for example, but it doesn't mean that the story was not as exciting and rich with historical facts, full of Having read and loved Gill Paul's previous books I was very excited to see that "Another Woman's Husband" is going to be published.

It took me a little by surprise to eventually discover that the story features real characters, such as Diana Spencer and Wallis Simpson for example, but it doesn't mean that the story was not as exciting and rich with historical facts, full of twists and turns. This story is full to the brims with events and there is truly not a flat moment. I personally was much more intrigued with the parts set in the past, about Mary and Wallis then about Alex and Rachel - their story felt too forced on us in my opinion, but of course I do get it was needed to add this element of mystery: Whereas the story of Wallis and Mary was full of vividness and it seamlessly flew, and I couldn't help but changed my mind about those two characters - once I was on Wallis' side, sympathising with her and in the next moment I was on Mary's side, asking myself how much is she going to survive, if Wallis will push her too far, if she'll eventually see for herself that she's being used, or is their friendship going to survive all the troubles?

I was really impatiently waiting for the story to switch again to the previous era, I wanted to find out more.

My only problem was that all the characters felt a little too wooden to my liking. This author has already showed that she can create incredibly beautiful, vivid and full of life characters and the ones in "Another Woman's Husband" did disappoint me a little. They seemed very shallow, superficial, without a depth - both fictional and non - fictional.

I must say that if Wallis Simpson was as unlikeable and concentrated on herself person as Gill Paul portrayed her than it's a real pity. I don't know, maybe she's just rubbed me the wrong way and instead of being irritating she was challenging? But later on, as the book is mostly told from her best friend Mary's viewpoint, I found myself getting used to the way Wallis was, but I didn't start to warm to her, unfortunately.

However, this book allowed me to gain a great insight into this character and even though she seemed too shallow, too selfish, too destructive, she was also fascinating.

Also, the way the story was told felt like I was reading reports - there were not many descriptions, it was just like stating facts, and I missed depth here as well.

However, this novel has very well captured relationships - friendships and love relationships, showing how different they may be and how they may change over the years. Those relationships were so very well written that I personally felt frustrated on the characters' part, or full of hope, I was convinced some of them have no chance to survive. There was also one thing that was really fascinating - namely the descriptions of the investigations and rumours surrounding Princess Diana's death.

Let's be honest, we all know till today where we were when the awful news about her death came, and we all watched the whole drama and accompanied the Princess during her last journey, and we all felt just like the author has described it: Gill Paul has really brilliantly interwoven facts with fiction and created a compelling, hooking story.

Altogether, "Another Woman's Husband" was an intriguing novel about relationships, love, hate, secrets, forgiveness and betrayals. It was compelling and yes, as you can see, it left me in two minds, but no matter what, it was a brilliant piece of historical fiction.

Complex, well - thought, bringing the characters to life and I am very glad to have read this novel - already looking forward to Gill Paul's new book and recommending "Another Woman's Husband" to the author's fans. Copy provided by the publisher in return for an honest review. Another superb read from this author. I just loved The Secret Wife and didn't think she'd do another I'd like as much but she did!!

Can't wait to read the Titanic one and I just spotted there's a newer one out later this year as well! Most of this one tells us all about Wallis Warfield, who of course became the stuff of legends and lies, Mrs Simpson. I've always found our royal family can be a nasty bunch on the quiet, especially the sainted Queen Mother.

From what I've read abou Another superb read from this author. From what I've read about her, she was a vindictive old witch a lot of the time, and of course, ending up as the Queen consort, nobody was ever going to take Wallis' side over hers and "Bertie's.

How to Date a Married Woman

I knew she'd been married once but not twice so that surprised me. I think I'd have preferred to be around her than the Queen Mother any day, though. I reckon you'd know where you were with Wallis I hadn't realised Mary was a real character till the end so that was nice to learn.

I liked her a great deal although she shocked me silly when she did something so out of character she made me gasp!! I just loved the nickname she gave to another person featured as well. One part including Mary made me cry, actually There's a lot less artistic licence used in this one than in the Secret Wife and it made it totally fascinating.

We all love a bit of gossip and when it's around the royal family, we all lap it up. I have the book about her by Sarah Bradford in my to-read pile, too. I did chuckle near the beginning at the kissing practise, and yes, I tried it on my hand too!! I've Googled some she's mentioned. On the cover of my version there's a lovely example, though I think it's the same as the newer one, too.

I preferred my version, though. I don't know why authors or publishers or whoever decides to do this does it so often. Mine's a gorgeous cover, so leave well alone!! I only spotted a couple of errors. Twice spaces were inserted into words that shouldn't have been: I accidentally "met" the author on Twitter a couple of weeks ago as we both happened to be watching the current documentary on the Queen and she was very nice indeed so that was a bonus.

Definitely stories I'd highly recommend. I wondered if this book would be redundant of another book I read a couple of decades ago about the king who abdicated for an American divorcee. In fact, the POV is written as a very old friend of Wallis who plays an important part in her story. Since I read the earlier book, I wondered if this book would be redundant of another book I read a couple of decades ago about the king who abdicated for an American divorcee. Since I read the earlier book, letters have been released by an anonymous person from Wallis to her ex-husband, Ernest Simpson.

They are quite telling of the former Mrs. Simpson and her unrealistic understanding and comprehension of how her own actions created her gilded cage. My previous opinion of Wallis remains unchanged, although there is more depth to my understanding of her. There is a little pity but a more comprehensive understanding of the carnage she left in her wake. She was not the only person who made poor choices and suffered the consequences. The book also peripherally covers Diana as a parallel storyline covers the time period of her untimely death.

Like my parents who could recall where they were and what they were doing when JFK was shot, my generation remembers the shock and horror when Diana died. She bucked the royal norms and we saw her doing what we were doing; being a mother, playing with her sons, and wearing slacks.

Both of these woman changed the monarchy in some way. Wallis brought down a king. Diana divorced a prince and went on to do charitable work while raising her sons. Prince Charles married his divorced mistress. Can he ascend to throne as king? Excellent research skills were used to portray the characters of this book. Thank you to Edelweiss for a digital ARC for review.

Aug 16, Emma Crowley rated it really liked it. Then last year along came the brilliant The Secret Wife and now she is back once again with another intriguing, interesting read - Another Women's Husband.

This new book again blends historical fact with fiction with a focus on Wallis Simpson and Princess Diana. The subject matter of this story is very timely considering the imminent 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death.

It still feels like only yesterday that the momentous event shook the world and everybody can remember where they where or what they were doing when the heard the news that caused a huge outpouring of grief. I love historical fiction, it's one of my favourite genres, but what sets this author apart from others is the fact she uses a true story from the past which we are all familiar with and alongside it comes a more modern fictional story with the elements interlinked with the character in the present uncovering some secret or mystery to do with the past.

Normally when I read a book in this genre I would have had no experience of the event as it would have occurred long before I was born as in World War Two etc so it was different for me to read about an event I had lived through.

But she pulls it off perfectly. Also the fact she was writing about Wallis Simpson, a woman like Diana steeped in controversy whom many have formed strong opinions on, I think she had to stand back and portray all sides of the story in the way the reader was free to make up their own minds.

Another Women's Husband is told from two perspectives that of fictional character Rachel in and also that of Mary Kirk from right up until her death many years later. I really enjoy books that slip between the present and the past and although Rachel's storyline is set twenty years ago it felt as if it could be happening now. Rachel is on a break with her partner Alex in Paris. They are returning to their hotel after a night out where Alex has proposed.

The couple are happy and looking forward to getting back to England to share their good news with their friends and family. Whilst in a taxi entering a tunnel in Paris they are held up and the reason for this will change their lives dramatically. There has been a crash and as Alex gets out to investigate he discovers the princess is in the car. Alex's instincts as a TV producer kick in but not before he shows some compassion.

But as we all know the events do not have a happy ending and in later weeks Alex embarks on producing a documentary that he believes will uncover the truth of that fateful night in Paris. But Alex took something from the scene, an item which he believed held no significance, but it could be a connection to a woman in history who caused plenty of scandal.

The more modern element of the story focused on Rachel and how what she had witnessed impacts on her life and also her relationship with Alex. Back in England she runs her own vintage shop but on her return it has been burgled and all her hard work down the drain.

The reader could see Rachel had put her heart and soul into creating her collection and with one fell swoop it was gone. Yet if this event hadn't occurred I doubt she would have connected with Susie Hargreaves and embarked upon uncovering a dramatic story fuelled by passion and love.

I felt Rachel and Alex became very disconnected for the majority of the book as Alex was often away researching for his documentary. He wanted answers and in a way so did Rachel but she went down a different path, one which she wanted the least upset as possible.

I felt she had such compassion as well as determination and her interest was genuinely sparked by her wanting to uncover connections. Whereas Alex seemed more ruthless as it was his career and professional reputation at stake if things went wrong.

I think they drifted apart in ways but then in others their love for each other was still there to see. I think both of them had to go on their own journey before they could come together with what they had discovered. I did enjoy the parts of the book set in but I think the chapters told from Mary Kirks's perspective and the long time period were even more fascinating and filled with so much rich detail of a world in the past that might not often be replicated.

There was a fear that the story of Wallis and her friend Mary, who she first meets in America in at a summer camp for girls, could begin to read like a history book we would have used in school. In the fact it could just have been listing of facts and the various relationships that the women have over the course of their friendship.

This aspect of the book could have become very stilted and formal but instead Gill Paul weaves a masterful story that makes you feel you are right there back in the time of Wallis and Mary as they emerge from their teenage years and journey to womanhood. I knew very little of Wallis Simpson prior to reading this book bar the fact Edward abdicated from the throne in order to marry her.

It was fascinating to delve deeper into her personal history and telling the story from Mary's perspective was very clever. Mary seemed very innocent as opposed to Wallis. She took everything at face value whereas Wallis appeared to have the world at her feet and she was well able to play games. Sometimes I liked Wallis and at other times I really disliked her. I felt although her friendship with Mary was genuine when they first meet as Wallis became more worldly she left Mary behind and Mary was very much used.

It came across as if Mary was only a plaything to be brought out every now and again when Wallis was bored before she found the next object of her affection. Wallis did the same with men. She fell deeply in love with a man and if she couldn't have him she would do everything in her power to get him. I felt she walked all over the feelings of Mary who had her own struggles too. Yes they did initially have a solid friendship but it disintegrated over the years in which the book is focused because of the actions of Wallis.

Wallis flitted from place to place, from man to man, from friend to friend, never seemingly able to settle. What she thought she wanted once she achieved it never gave her satisfaction and she was always on the lookout for the ultimate prize and it didn't seem to matter if she hurt Mary or other people in the process.

The way she ingratiated herself into the life of Prince Edward was fascinating and given divorce at the time would cause huge scandal anyway the fact royalty was involved proved even more headline making.

Even now having finished the book I'm not sure of my opinion of Wallis. She certainly led a very colourful life and she made her mark on history but it's perhaps Mary I felt the most affinity to in the story. She struggled witnessing everything Wallis was partaking in and although I don't necessarily agree with what Mary did too I do think she was looking for love and was more sincere in the way she went about it.

Mary and Wallis were two very contrasting woman but there was a thread that held them together for a very long time before it was irrevocably cut. I wondered how the two parts of the book would eventually tie together. It is only as we come near to the end that I felt a sense of urgency as Rachel races to uncover the truth and it was a bitter-sweet connection that tied the elements together but one with a satisfying ending.

Gill Paul has once again written another stunning book. Books which focus on Diana and even Wallis could tend to be sensational and over the top but here the author has dealt with the subject matter with sensitivity and respect and shed light on a scandal and a love story which deserves to be read by many.

There is a depth and honesty to the story which gives a real insight into the inner workings and feelings of the characters. Another Woman's Husband proved to be a fascinating read which made me lose several hours to this story. I have no hesitation in recommending it and am keen to see what time in history Gill Paul will turn her hand to next. This book kept popping up randomly as an advertisement on Goodreads. At first I kind of ignored it but then I stared seeing people talking about it on Twitter and Instagram The next thing I know, I am picking it up at the library to read.

This was an exceptional read and I was thrilled to crack it open each night. I loved how this story wove together two differe This book kept popping up randomly as an advertisement on Goodreads.

I loved how this story wove together two different time periods as well as two very different women. A beautiful and attractive woman will be more likely to fall for a man than an ordinary looking woman, because a beautiful woman has a greater love of the attention of men and is always on the lookout for it. They like somebody to give them compliments and who comments on their beauty whereas their husbands take them for granted.

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Dating another womans husband

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Married women have always attracted me The show some sensuality and love their shapes. I reciprocated the comments about my marriage being less than satisfactory. Or am I crazy? I remember talking to this man I used to chat with every now and then.

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