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Online dating red pill consider, that

11 Dating Tips For Women That Want a Red Pilled Man.

A message has arrived from a man in south Wales. Do you believe in love at first sight? Last week, I had daily on-screen dating site conversations with a man called Alexander. We met first on Sunday. All we had to go on were photographs and the usual clues: It was a connection built entirely through typing. Dates were supplied and first names, and vivid descriptions.

My current mate and I have no children at home. She spends the day cooking, cleaning, feeding animals, working in the garden, running errands and reading.

Picked up my current girl when she was 19 and I was Been together for 4 years now. Is she judgmental or can she party? A woman who has her own money might earn it as a business out of her home. That would allow her possibly to afford a servant or two. Proverbs 31 and all that. Would not interested in a career woman who works for a man. Gamer works outside the home, but always for a woman.

Not much contact with men. This is the only worrisome part. I have pride in myself and in my home. I keep my shit clean and put away. Once a week my wife and I divvy up chores and get the house sparkling in about an hour, and we have a maintenance list to knock off every day. This is not a negative, but a huge positive.

I would most likely not respond to her profile because of that line. Of course, this also takes into account the fact that there is a decent age gap between us, so I scrutinize her a bit harder than I would a younger woman. Which brings us to another issue that is always going to crop up in middle aged singles: She says she has wisdom with her age. She also has her own unique set of neuroses that must be met and dealt with.

With age comes experience and the potential for negative baggage. This is the reality on the ground. What separates baggage from experience is that baggage keeps us wallowing in the past and experience gives us lessons for the future. She seems to be on the right path. I would be intrigued enough to send a message and pitch a meet up.

I guess its living in this culture that makes it sounds a little cheesy to hear a woman dating list off everything she has to offer… but it makes sense, and I love that it worked so well for her even after 1 day.. Make your own profile sexy and attractive, cocky or witty, and send only a short message like PM says.

This data is merely anecdotal evidence. It would be interesting to experiment using the same womans photos and a bland profile what the response rate would be. There are quite a few profiles where all you have to go on is the photo as most sections are wither blank or contain nothing about the person. Now, if there are little nit-picking things in a sentence or two that bug you, try just asking about those.

Someone with this kind of flexibility is likely to accommodate. Would be a fun lady to meet for sure. Some girls are really down to earth.

When I was a young lad I studied yacht design and boat building. Francis Herreshoff from the depression era. He also describes how to pick a suitable first mate and described that the pretty and gasketed-up show-boat of a woman in high heels would be hard to please and hard to live with. My eldest son is, coincidentally, a ship architect. I take interest in what interests the people I love so if we ever find ourselves on a date, that yacht design could make for the kind of unexpected conversation that makes a good date a great memory.

Thanks for sharing that ibit in your comment. Gave me a nice feeling. I just wanted to ask someone about leagues, and how you know what your league is, as a woman.

Online dating red pill

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Proles do not understand words and the power of the right words, and that's one of the reasons why they're still cattle. You see, they don't really get that they are, and if they do, it's very hard for them to stop being cattle. New movies are shit. Old movies are better.

Some new movies are good, but the majority is just indoctrination to keep you docile. But what I wrote about books is also true about movies and TV. Great movies and Great TV is like great books on fast forward. When you do watch movies, any movie look for bio-RP-Truths.

What Bio-Truths about girls can you find in Tangled, for instance? Women are not magical, celestial, heavenly creatures anymore. They are either good, god-fearing, assisting helpers to their family, and those women believe in the old ways. Or they are single feminists, who are fat, loud, slutty and slow-brained, who do not properly raise or maintain good men.

Think in terms of this: Women either support you loyally, or they grind you down like cancer. Develop disdain and avoid those who do not try as hard as you do. You are the average of your five best friends, and if they're pathetic, you're also pathetic.

So you need to ditch them. You want great friends? They need to want you too, or else they will be without you, so get your shit in order. Learn to be okay with boredom. The proles don't, and they seek new awesome stuff daily, and that's why they fail.

They don't practice anything, so they are mediocre to shit in everything. Except what they've been bred to do. So whatever you try to learn, to get better at every day. Drop anyone who accuses you trying too hard, because they're afraid of losing you, which they ought, since they're holding you down. Get comfortable being alone. You'll do most of your stuff alone. Sometimes you don't want to be with friends.

Somethings friends won't help, sometimes they can't help you. If men around you give an inch to feminism, they're morons. Morons who do not realize that they're selling everything and everyone for the possibility of a fuck, with any girl.

Even the unattractive girls. They will sell themselves, you, his wallet, your wallet, his beliefs, your beliefs. Those guys aren't your friends, and they are to slow-brained to get that. They aren't even aware of what they're doing, so they are the one's you need to avoid. Men who are shameless about Traditional, Reactionary Religion or shameless about their hobbies or beliefs are those you want to get friends with. I have a friend who sends me pictures of his dick to me daily, and I do similar shit back to him.

I Believe, He doesn't. But that doesn't really matter to me. He is a friend. Not the other guy, who claims to be a good christian, and tries to sell me, who agrees with the feminist. I don't like the dickpics, really, but at least he knows what he is doing. Unlike the donkey who doesn't understand why women do not respond to him and his advances, but avoids him more than I do.

Treat women as femine, dumb, silly, young boys, with whom it's okay to have sex. If they are more than that, they'll impress you, and you can apologize if you want, but the majority is to be avoided just like any other cost. Only one woman gets to be your wife, so who gives a shit about the rest of them, really? Women aren't as smart as men, nor can they lead, because they aren't supposed to lead.

They're here for us, for their family, to obey her brothers and elders, for the sake of giving us children.

But if they find you unattractive, you're not a man yet. Because a man is person who makes more than he consumes. A child, a growing boy with potential still costs. Great women are worth their cost, partly because they cost so little in comparison. Great women might make more than she consumes, but it's always better for everyone else's sake that she'd become some great man's helper. Great women can put stupid men to work in way which few men can, but they know that great men are superior to them.

If you're inferior to them, you're her workhorse and you're unaware of it. If you're superior, you're her king. Queens are a power behind the throne, and if a girl needs to be in the spotlight, be very careful about getting close with her.

Be kind to everyone. Morons will kill themselves, and ruin their lives perfectly fine on their own, but be kind the first time. You want to be loved, more than you want to be feared. Become scary and strong and big. It is harder to become loved, but if you don't become loved, you want to be feared. Everything, fucking everything about you gets better from exercise. Fat people are inferior in every of their personality, because they are fat.

It's a collection of books which has been read for two thousand years. It is valuable, but it isn't an easy book to read.

The God Delusion is easy, but books are like weights. If it isn't hard, you're not going to get strong. If you just got her to TRP, don't sweat it. You were kept bluepill, just like the rest of us. But, as you might have already understood, this here, this is your only option. It's easier when you only have one way to go, isn't it?

Some good points, but religion is not for everyone. Depends on what part of the world you grew up in, and your level of education and access to the internet.

Don't lie to me about how curious you are, if you're posting before you've started to Read the sidebar. That "sick to your stomach" feeling goes away when you learn to detach.

Solipsism is the view that the self is all that can be known, and Sonder noun is to realize that everyone around you leads a life as vivid and complex as your own. Neither of these will help you detach. Your eyes hurt because you've never used them.

My first case of online dating revulsion

Your muscles are too atrophied to support you. You've been intravenously fed the corpses of your fallen brothers and sisters from the moment you swallowed the--default--blue pill. The movies we tend to reference the most here are The Matrix and Fight Club. Both teach you to let go of your illusions, among other things, and that's what you're feeling right now--the jagged shards of your comfortable, pretty illusion where they'd been lodged into your body.

Your nearly perfect condo just got blown the fuck up. You are Jack's burning hatred of being fucked over. But it's only after losing everything that you can do anything. Your life is ending one moment at a time, so be glad that every moment you have left is finally yours now. What will you do with them? Change doesn't happen overnight, so keep working at it. I still find myself getting beta without realizing it sometimes.

WAW1.1: The Red Pill on what attracts women: Looks, Money, Status: BRUTAL

But I'm catching onto it and it's awesome when I do and fix it. What I hated admitting was how well the stereotypical topples bro pics on dating sites worked. I always saw them as trashy which just attracted other trash. But after a while of getting bored with dating sites,I decided to say fuck it and threw up a few pictures of me half naked at the peak of my Tren cycle. Funny thing with online dating, it polarizes the effects of female hypergamy.

Way better results with dealing with chicks in person. Maintain a sexual, no-bullshit frame, get them to come over. It's like ordering pussy off of Amazon. Ok Cupid has an excellent analysis area on their site. Really helped me hone my tactics prior to TRP. Their statisticians are A-level. Not just for game but for general human insight.

I don't remember how you get to it, just look around on their main page you probably have to have an account for a tab like charts or analysis or something along those lines.

Alternatively you can also get a pussy in the shot. Not the pussy, a pussy! Pics with animals get their attention as much as shirtless pics. Now I wonder what happens with guys that are shirtless holding an animal?

Maybe someone here can test that out lol. Sister of my GF was on tinder, I watched her. She complained about some shirtless guy, added him or whatever they do on tinder. Then went on to rant against shirtless ab picks, she also continued to swipe everyone who didn't have an shirtless abs pic. Women never stop dissimulating. It is instinct as much as it is irrational with them. Assuming the opposite of whatever she says to be true is generally a good rule of thumb.

Reminds me of the fairly odd parents episode where the subject of the episode was women mean the complete opposite of what they say. I know it's kiddish but cartoons that have adult themes you can't understand as a kid but still enjoy even as an adult are cool. Girls don't like shirtless pics of dudes with dad bods, I guess.

They just don't complete their sentences. Well they probably think of shirtless guys that act all "pls love me" but since they think with emotions they continue to say they all shirtless guys and not just fake alphas. The juxtaposition of contrasting factors creates an instant mental orgasm for their hamster brain.

My highest responses from women were when I messaged them simply saying "Fuck you" without any explanation. When they angrily responded asking why I was being rude, I just segued into something else. Oddly enough, they soon forgot I even said fuck you. I didn't really find her that attractive so I never met up with her and our conversation fizzled out.

I just wanted to see if saying "fuck you" would get her attention and it did. I didn't even have a pic up at the time, I think. Lol I do this when bored and am texting girls and really anyone outside business,fun times will be had tbh. Nice, now you understand me! Let's fuck each other! I think it's much that proper abs are so uncommon, so when women see it they think they have found a unicorn or something.

Yeah, but you have to have some beef. Abs on a super skinny dude are like big tits on a land whale. It should be noted that this effect decreases with age according to OkCupid data , though:.

My guess is because women filter out men younger than them. I bet if you look good and hit on 22yos youll get that 1. If you're past the age of abs yes, it will eventually happen , having a strong statement about your intellectual interests, great career and outside pursuits make sure these actually happen outside - sailing, rock climbing, mountaineering etc.

Works like magic though you have to sift through a lot of serious nut cases, ticking clocks and the like unless you're still targeting teenagers which you shouldn't Old enough to know what they're doing, to be past the BS and ready to go. Worked at 21 and still works at It's a barrier, but every edge puts you slightly above the rest of the men. Muscles are definitely a leg up. This is why online dating is usually online silence.

That is not to say you shouldn't have an online dating profile - why not? The Chad method is really the only way to piece together a profile, but, you are more or less positioned like a spider waiting for flies. And if you want quality flies, you may have to wait a loooooong while - results may vary. Ill try initiate sexual conversation with a Tinder girl i have on snapchat and she blatantly rejects the approach, only to write to me the next day literally saying she just wants alcohol and sex.

Then 5 messages later they've forgotten how angry they were, but they still remember the tingles. Of course I do, I keep dollar bills stacked high beta provider I can focus on my education without debt and I know you'll think it's lame qualification event but I actually really get on with my family qualification event , they're always there for me girls rank emotional connections as v important.

I chat with my mom and she likes meeting all my friends what Abundance mentality and I drink beer and hunt with dad doing something physical demonstrates value. My life is great right now. No, it's paraphrased from a 24 year old guy at a party I was hosting, she thought it was something because he took her home So in light of what I have seen work, what's your suggestion on "living with mom" if the topic comes up?

To be honest, its not what you say but how you say it. If you come off as confident, and assertive then you can pull it off. It's still hard to make living with your parents sexy though, the best you can do is make them forget about it because of your other positives.

I would frame it as my mother is living with me and not the other way around.

This doesn't really work if the father is in the picture but I guess you could still go for it. After I installed tinder I had to stop swiping right as I got over a chicks in two days and none were saying no to wanting to meet up.

Really felt like a shopping list. Was just explaining to my brother the other day about how he can save money, time and effort by getting on a dating site and "ordering pizza". Internet dating and its precursor phone dating have mostly been my thing for the last 2 or 3 decades.

It has worked for me far better than trying to chat up a skank at a bar or night club. My coworkers can't believe the shit I say to women and how I get away with it. I always tell them, "it's not what you say but how you say it. You can really get away with anything when you don't give a shit about how they feel, think or what they have to say. The more intelligent you are as a male, the less likely you are to get laid, according to a few scientific studies.

Well online IQ tests are different from a real, professionally administered IQ test. I took one online and I got but I know damn well it isn't even close to that. The most common tests can't deal well with IQs much over or so. I generally clock in at about and I push the envelope on tests of general application. If you are really over then you would have to have a specialist test you.

Realistically, anything over is gravy. All of the greatest political, business and military leaders in history were all ish. Anything higher works for STEM but doesn't help with the practical application of that knowledge. Just take a test. I denied and they didn't bother me. Once you get further in life provided you don't self-employ you will run into situations where you are necessitated to take a proper IQ-test accompanied with discussion with a professional who then gives your profile to the hiring party.

Mistakes in high-level professional settings are very, very expensive, so it is wise to take certain precautions with your hires to be sure that they fit your culture.

Almost any standardized test is basically an IQ test: I think there are laws in place to ban the use of IQ tests for employment hiring despite their efficacy. The issue is totally racial. The only way it would work out, is if you were at a Mensa luncheon, but That has nothing to do with really with the intelligence, per se, and all to do with the dude who is intelligent. Most "intelligent" guys are fucking retards socially.

They are the dudes that orbit women, major in something STEM, and then marry up the sagging woman at 30 years old. If someone has a good background in social interaction, physical fitness, education, and reading then that "intelligent" person should have no problem getting laid. They know when to argue the virtues of Roman Stoicism and when to talk about random bull shit with their male friends and females.

The other guy is more concerned on appearing outwardly intelligent and comes off socially awkward and uncomfortable in certain social situations IE. Well the higher your IQ is the more likely it is that you're socially retarded.

Socially retarded people don't get laid much. Tesla is a great example. Bitch I don't have time for your nonsense I gotta go make electricity fly through the air. I think there is good evidence that the more intelligent you are, the fewer sex partners you will have. It becomes a quality vs quantity issue. But all things being equal, being smart can only improve your odds of getting laid. I say plowing sand and looked her in the eyes she immediately start starring at me ignoring her buddy and next day we were fucking behind a Jamba juice.

It certainly helps with internet game, if you have the right attitude. Posting dick pics and saying "wassup? I started internet dating in I started phone dating around , so 23 years ago. At the time, my buddies thought I was nuts and that only ugly fat women would use phone dating. Then I scored my first notch on the system and made off with a copy of her head shot: By the end of the day all of them had signed up.

My best friend met a personal trainer - 5'10" black amazon - and was with her for the next 12 years. But actually going back 30 years I was in high school and had just unplugged.

I was like a dog chasing cars because I really didn't know what to do once I caught them. This is everything I ever wanted to say on the subjected but never got my ass in gear to do. I agree with sidebar worthy. That would not only be super fun but super useful If it is of this zriting's quality I will pay for it. You have to find a way to make lcearly appear to everybody. Anybody can be a fucking writer if they put the work in.

I enjoyed reading what he wrote. He doesn't need to write like Shakespeare to be a good writer, you know. This was a good read. This was a little out there, "Do me a favor, and don't write back unless you're ready to call me daddy. But this, this is solid grade platinum, "Are you tied up tonight?

If not, there's something I want to tie you up with. If you guys have not dabbled in a little BDSM, well, you need to remedy that, the rewards are glorious. Then I realized my ex comes off as a total good girl Those beta orbiters she'll always have are clueless, much I like was when we first met.

I had an ex who appeared like the good girl stereotype. Of course, she changed when it came to social settings For some reason most of my memories of her revolve around her begging for anal; not even bull shitting. After always seeing that anal trope about how women only do it very rarely under certain circumstances I couldn't help but laugh when my ex would continuously beg for it. That is one that legitimately falls into the "creepy" zone for some. Personally, I don't like it. But to each their own, whatever gets you off and gets them off as well.

Just relating my experiences. It's not really about being called daddy, it's the act of showing dominance for her to submit to you. You could have her call you "boo boo kitty fuck" and she'll do it if she's attracted to you. This was a good refresher. I use online dating time to time because it's just so convenient.

I can game women while holding my cell and taking a shit. Anyway, I've been out of the country for two weeks on business and noticed I was slipping into beta bitch with these foreign chicks while using tinder, okc, etc. This post was the slap-in-the-face I needed. Remember that you have an advantage - you're leaving in two weeks. Take the gloves off and fight, since you'll be a ghost in short order.

I really like the way you talk. You have a way with words. Accept this as a compliment and encouragement to write more. Having this attitude is great, but the reason girls respond so well to it is because it naturally comes from high testosterone. If you dont have high test, when you meet them they're immediately going to realise you're all talk. You just won't have the raw sexual magnetism of a natural, for all your holding a sexual frame, arrogance, attempts at social dominance and IDGAF attitude.

Oh yeah lifting is great. But it doesn't raise test significantly. Blast and cruise, baby, blast and cruise. If you use too much incorrectly. Don't fear monger on steroids. Used correctly they are actually very safe. It just comes off as weak to me. You need a shortcut because of lack of willpower?

With a high-fat diet and lifting heavy nearly any man can achieve high test especially when excess body fat burns off. Show me a study showing the average guy's T levels "plummet" in the 30s.

Can you have high-T in your 30's if you lift heavy most days of the week? For many its even worse than that. Still no big deal? Theres more important things impacting T levels than lifting heavy. Unless you are in your early 20's I dont care what you do, I bet my T levels smoke yours.

I have the test numbers to prove it. B The average man in his 30s doesn't lift weights, eats processed food, doesn't sleep enough, and doesn't meditate. I would expect a similar study amongst weight-lifting individuals to have an even smaller drop.

That's nothing, and that's just one factor involved with testosterone production. I hate excuses if you couldn't tell. While true studies have proven test levels in men have been dropping every generation by a lot. Last week, I had daily on-screen dating site conversations with a man called Alexander. We met first on Sunday. All we had to go on were photographs and the usual clues: It was a connection built entirely through typing.

Dates were supplied and first names, and vivid descriptions. It failed, he said, because the children were too much. That sentence has bothered me more and more.


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