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World's oldest Quran Prophet Muhammad era manuscript found at Birmingham University

Please see section on sample section and identification to determine the types of material suitable for analysis and for information on restrictions on what we can date. Also see our information on methods for further information including the expected precision of our measurements. This section covers the submission of standard sample types. If you are a scientist interested in submission of pre-prepared material or joint research projects, please contact the laboratory. All samples submitted to the laboratory must be accompanied by a sample submission form that gives the details of the sample we need.

We have so much fun together and he treats me so sweetly.

Has history been tampered with? The radiocarbon dating of the Shroud of Turin?

I just get confused with the fact that he can be so intense and even to the point where he tells me flat out that I belong to him, and then I can go without hearing from him for a few days.

I just give him that space and I don't hound him.

He will contact me when he's ready.


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    Completely I share your opinion. It seems to me it is good idea. I agree with you.


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