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Starbucks policy on dating coworkers are not right

What It's Like to Work at Starbucks..

The coffee giant has over , employees across its 24, locations, and each one offers pretty much the same experience. This means expectations can be high, both from customers and the company, as to how baristas should deliver the customer service experience. Every step is outlined; from the moment a customer walks through the door until they walk out. There are rules, guidelines, and standardized procedures for every possible thing that could go on inside a Starbucks coffee shop. The goal is to standardize the experience across all stores, leading to military precision level control over basic tasks. Starbucks is a customer service theatre. These are 15 crazy rules Starbucks baristas are forced to follow, some official and some secret.

Customers get a taste of this when they order their drinks. Partners are assigned an employee number which tells each other when the person was hired, and a lot can be inferred from this information.

Using these words that only partners understand creates a sense of solidarity and bonding, a subtle psychological tool the company uses for this exact purpose. You will never go into a Starbucks, tick the wrong person off, and end up with spit in your drink.

A Starbucks employee would never do that. There is no way for the customer to tell if the barista pulled a fast one. The taste is pretty much identical, and any nuance in flavour is probably hidden by flavours or copious amounts of milk.

While extremely passive aggressive, this is common practice across the board,. But neither is being condescending to the baristas. It was about the success of Starbucks following the recession. Every single employee was given a copy for FREE!

Did anybody read it? Even so, Howard Schultz is revered by many employees as a visionary. Tickets to his talks are coveted and many employees would be extremely excited to meet him. Between reverence for the dear leader, the secret corporate language, and the worldwide network of employees, Starbucks employees spend a disproportionate amount of time with each other.

They talk about work, customers, the company, and have strong opinions about the direction their locations are going. Even bad employees quickly become familiar with the rules that define the employee experience and recognize when anybody deviates from the system.

All workplaces are rife with gossip, but Starbucks can be particularly vicious because the rules set a precedent for the gossip. The hierarchy between baristas, barista trainers, shift supervisors, and managers is constantly reinforced,. Every single detail matters.

Starbucks policy on dating coworkers

Drive through wait times are constantly adjusted in order to put pressure on the baristas to work faster. The baristas work faster when they follow the Repeatable Routines. The Repeatable Routines are the steps by which they make drinks, prepare food, take orders, and enter drinks into the cash register. Every step is memorized. Step out of line, everyone gets messed up. You have to check the condiment bar, do a minor restock of supplies, sweep the floor even if it was just swept , and then you can think about sitting down.

Some people say that if the health inspector comes in, seeing a dog is an automatic score of 0. Phones are not to be used during the shift, so if an employee is using their phone on the floor, disappears frequently in the back room to check their phone, or even takes an unusual number of bathroom breaks, supervisors or managers might ask that the person put their phone in the safe.

Tackling phone use can be difficult, but this is definitely going a bit overboard.

Many safe systems have two doors one that can be opened all day long, and another that can only be open at a specific time every day. Unfortunately, for employees who portray the brand negatively, there can be severe consequences, especially if the negativity is picked up by the media.

While he was initially going to be fired because of negative publicity, Braden Burson, the creator of the viral anti-Unicorn Frappuccino rant, ended up being kept by the company.

The company has even tracked down the creators of posts made anonymously and issued their dismissal. Everything changed when the Cotton Candy Frappuccino went viral.

The company realized it would be profitable to train its employees to make it, and began issuing official recipe cards to all stores. This was followed by a barrage of other official recipes for a number of unofficial drinks Cookies and Cream, The Mermaid Frappuccino, even the Pink Drink all created by customers and incorporated into the menu. While the tattoo rule was recently changed in order to make the corporation seem more friendly and less corporate, the nail polish and perfume rules are quite firm.

Every store has a container of nail polish remover in the back, and employees sporting too much perfume can be written up or even sent home. Perfume can interfere with the delicate aroma of coffee that penetrates the stores.

Against Starbucks policy to date customers??

While the nail polish rule sort of makes sense, the perfume rule is a little bit confusing as Starbucks stores have a very unique scent comprised of very dark roast coffee, pungent syrup, and the weird sanitizing liquid used to clean everything. Yet, if somebody heats a tuna panini in the oven, the whole store smells like fish.

Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Again, the solution hopefully is not termination, but just one of them transferring to a different store. The only way that could work is if the partners are at separate stores. We only had one exception at our store and that was because the two girls were already roommates before one of them were promoted to SS. Our SM just had to make sure the two were never scheduled together.

Best Buy Firing - SNL

The only reason I was okay with it was because I the ss in this situation was transferring in a month. You might hardly talk to each other or do anything outside of working and living together.

Just my viewpoint because I know two people in exact situation. Can you live with a Starbucks co-worker? Hi - I'm Lenny, I worked at Starbucks from partner I write here to help new partners and baristas get the most out of their time at Starbucks.


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