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If you don't hear back within that time, please email us at hello tamilculture. Please select an amount for your contribution. Listed in Canadian dollars. By clicking "Send" you agree to our Terms of Service. Throughout our lives we journey alone until we come across one individual.

I'm looking for a reliable and a respectful partner to share my life with. I believe in simple living and am a happy person by nature. I'am from a devout catholic family My name is Name Visible on Login undaramurthi, I'd like to describe my self as a confident,honest and a sincere soul.

Would like to meet someone similar. Good luck for Ur search, God bless! Hi, I am working as a fashion designer in leading brand. I am very friendly character. I am one and only girl to my parents. Looking for a perfect life partner Hi m Name Visible on Login working in govt sector Interested in sports, travelling, music and arts. Only child to my parents; Have quite a few friends and like hanging around with Hey, I am happy to know that you have shown interest in my friend's profile.

Tamil dating

She did her Bachelors from Madras Christian Colleg I am a fun person to be with and also looking for the same. A career driven and a very ambitious person.

Have high interests in exploring places with loved ones!!

I'm kind hearted girl and love my family very much. Like to go to regional places in india My Kula Theivam Senraaya Creative, ambitious, responsible and compassionate - are a few words that would describe me best.


I majored in Psychology and am passionate about delving deeper into the varied facets of human behavio Hey, I have done my Masters from Stella Maris and am currently working with standard chartered bank as a senior manager. In my family, there is Mom - who is a homemaker, Dad - who is retired, and h I am a software engineer living in Bangalore. Travel, cooking, dancing, yoga are my hobbies.

I am quite friendly and outgoing. More when we talk. S- If you are contacting me, please make sure I have recently learnt to cook and eat healthy and keep myself in top form mentally, physically and emotionally. I am usually surrounded by friends, y I am a person with a high level of curiosity about everything in life and I believe in giving back to the community.

Music is a huge part of my life and finding someone who appreciates music would be Let me try and use this space to give the basic details about me. I'm Name Visible on Login a. Hello, I'm Name Visible on Login. D, also known as Hari to my friends. A bit of an ambivert and I I am a person belonging to a well educated and well cultured family. If you are one of th To view his Photo Register Free.

Tamil Dating

Well, now comes the rather tough part to summarize myself in a few words. I grew up in Jabalpur MP and I consider myself more a north indian than south indian. I am very fluent in Hindi and I am Hello Thank you for your time and good luck in your partner search!!!. I am calm , down to earth. Mild mannered, fun loving and cheerful person. I own a 2BH Gift is pure to be given from the heart to the right person, at the right time, at the right place. Luv Master of Engineering in Computer Science.

I am a very shy, loving person and my goal is to earn a lot and keep my family vey happy would be giancy as well nad like cricket and dont like to hurt peoples but sometiimes i do due to my short te Spring is fast arriving, as you anticipate an amazing summer. If you're single, part of this excitement is that members of the opposite sex will come out of hibernating from the cold. But where do you actually meet them? Go to clubs if you like to dance and are just going to hang out with your girls or boys.

But if you are looking for that special someone, good luck!

Dating in Tamil Nadu

Play in a sports league. There is nothing like a competitive game of basketball or volleyball to be a good icebreaker when talking to that potentially special someone. If you are looking for someone who is into sports as much as you are this is a fantastic place.

Bookstore or coffee shop. Ideally a place with both. People reading books or coffee are ideal candidates to have great conversations with. Nothing is sexier than talking to somebody who can have an hour long debate on prominent themes in the novel that you are both reading. Also most people in a coffee shop when they are by themselves are easier to engage in conversation. They may be intently looking at their laptop working on an assignment but if you bring over a good caffeine-based beverage and some jokes, you will be a welcome distraction you have a minute window to impress, think of it as an interview.

Board game cafes are all the craze right now. My first fight with my wife who was then just my girlfriend was over a game of Scrabble. I challenged her on a word This is always a great option as you literally can sit in your pajamas at home and meet people in your city or even around the world! The best part is that it brings together everyone you could meet from all the other suggestions above, under one platform.

Try myTamilDate if you're specifically looking for someone Tamil or a site like OkCupid if you're interested in meeting people from various backgrounds. Both have had great success stories. This list was a result of recent discussions I've had with single friends. This list is definitely not complete - so if you have any ideas, please feel free to share either on social media or send an email to info tamilculture.

Are you interested in creating your own love story by meeting Tamil singles in your city and across the world? TC Talks Episode Wedding, Marriage and Social Media: Observations of a Happily Married Tamil Man. The Seven Year Spark. Socialist-minded guy looking to make a difference.


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