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Relationship quiz: How long will your relationship last? Love personality test - Guess who you are

Have you ever asked yourself, "What am I doing wrong in respect to dating? Kenneth Ryan, learn the top five dating mistakes women make that cost them relationship after relationship. Have you been making the same mistakes many women have made for years? Now it's your turn to know the secret behind why some women just can't find a great relationship. My wife and I have counseled engaged couples about sex for over 10 years.

Is there anything she can do to redeem herself or is all hope lost for a relationship? Hope is never lost. Everybody makes mistakes in relationships and people are amazingly resilient. The first thing to do is stop making the mistake.

What am i doing wrong in dating quiz

Many women get themselves into a downward spiral fueled by low self-esteem. They believe they have low value so they will accept any man who shows attention. He makes her feel better temporarily, but after he has had sex with her for awhile, he dumps her and she feels even worse than before.

To get relief for her relational pain she seeks a new guy at any cost and the cycle continues.

Any woman can get a new boyfriend by tomorrow if she offers sex as part of the deal. It works so women do it.

Then they wonder why their heart is shredded. Building a healthy relationship takes work, rebuilding one takes even more work. You cannot force a man to be attracted to you or to respect you. If he does not respect you and your personal standards, there is no hope for that man in a relationship with you. There is still plenty of hope for a relationship with another man who will love you and respect your standards.

Overcoming big mistakes is a huge topic. It is all about redemption and a fresh start. Forgiving yourself and others is a spiritual issue and beyond the scope of this article but I talk more about this crucial issue on the Finding Your Prince website. Is online dating a good alternative to finding a date in offline places such as work, a bar, coffee house, etc.?

How you meet someone is not nearly as important as what you do after you meet him. The ability for women to decide if a man is worth another date and knowing how to grow a healthy relationship with him are the crucial factors.

Online dating is really just online meeting.

Sites like eHarmony can help you find like-minded people and sort out masses of guys who would have no chance with you. Why is it that some people have an easier time finding a date online but can't seem to find one offline? Online connections are less personal and less threatening so it is easier to break the ice and establish the first contact.

In my "Toad" book I talk about practical ways a woman can break the ice and make more effective contact with guys. Many women think they know how to talk with guys but what they are really doing is talking at guys.

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Will your CRUSH be YOUR BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND soon? Love Personality Quiz Game

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