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What People Think About Zodiac Compatibility (Air and Earth Signs)

Well, wait no more! Her Campus has figured out exactly what kind of girlfriend you are based on your zodiac sign. If you are an Aries, it is highly likely that you are creative, adaptive and insightful. Because of this, you are probably an adventurous girlfriend. You are always ready to try new things and get creative with date nights. There is nothing that scares you in a relationship because you can easily adapt to every situation.

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Which Zodiac Sign Should You Date?

What more could you ask for in a partner? Share On googleplus Share On googleplus. A Sagittarius is the most easygoing and straightforward of all the astrology signs.

Regardless if you dating the signs astrology is BS or that it is your inevitable fate, one thing remains constant: Could be great for a short-term dating the signs. They're great listeners and provide excellent advice, and even though they often seem cold on the outside, they can be a lot of fun.

However, on the flipside, a Gemini tends to have a very flip-floppy nature, causing them to change their demeanor at the drop of a hat. The new Tasty app is here! For instance, Scorpios are said to be passionate lovers, and Aquarians are known for marching to the beat of their own drums.

This quiz will help to match you with the sign you would find most appealing. While the dual nature of a Gemini might be just what you want, for others it's a huge turn-off. Finding out which sign you would click with will help you march fearlessly into a new dating adventure! You might think that dating a Pisces is ideal for you, but our questions will help determine if there's a sign better suited to your personality.

If you're ready to take the guesswork out of your next date, this is the quiz for you! We want you to look inward and explore new and interesting things about yourself. When you make a promise, you always follow through. If you and your SO get into a fight, you make your point and then let it go. Erica Kent, a Taurus from New York University, says that she has been with her boyfriend for over three years and that it mainly has to do with the fact that "whenever we argue, we know how to let it go.

I prove my point and then once it's done, it's done.

There is no point in staying angry. Gemini women are known for being flexible, passionate and versatile. Because of this, you are the fall hard and fast kind of girlfriend. When you meet someone new, you automatically understand what you are feeling and you are not shy about it. Your passion comes through in wanting to create a life with your partner, even if you just met them.

Dating zodiac signs buzzfeed

You have the ability to see the potential in everyone you meet. As well, no week is ever the same with you. Cancer women are, more often than not, emotional, caring and imaginative. You are the kind of girlfriend that is extremely loving and supportiveŚno matter what.

What People Think About Zodiac Signs (Air and Earth Signs)

You have the ability to feel so deeply about your partner and you are always finding new ways to show your SO just how much you truly care. If your SO is having a hard day, you automatically cancel whatever plans you had to make time to help them feel better.

You are the best friend and girlfriend all in one. Leo women are generous, warmhearted and confident. Leos are always the go big or go home type of girlfriend. You love to be the center of attention, but you also always make sure that your partner feels fulfilled. You are the kind of girlfriend that other couples want to go on double dates with because of your over the top personality. There is never a dull moment with you. Part of it is to show her how much I love her, but secretly I just want her to tell all her friends how great I am.

Virgo women are modest, reliable and practical. You always think through your words before you say them, making sure you never say anything that could hurt your partner.

You almost always have a stable job and are smart in your financial choices, which makes your SO comfortable. As well, you know your worth but you would never make other people feel lesser than you. Libra women are romantic, idealistic and peaceful.


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